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Interview with Marcelo Simões

Interview by Jose Gaspar
Photos: Alexandre Jardim

Marcelo Simões is one of the best freestylers in Latin America. Very skilled and always looking for progression he definitely wants to put Brazil in the Freestyle Motocross world map. Very concerned about the FMX situation in his country, Simões talks about the Brazilian scene, Brazil FMX Crew, plans for the future and much more …

Marcelo Simões

So tell me who is Marcelo Simões?
Damn, I don’t know man (laughs)!
Just a guy who wants to have some fun I stay on FMX forever!

How did you start on Motocross?
In 2002 my dad gave me a brand new 125cc dirt bike. But before that I used to ride a “nasty” bike in trails near my home.

However my dirt bike passion began when I was 17 years old and watched the X-Games Moto-X for the first time in my life! I can say that was the real beginning.

What about FMX? How did you start?
As I said before the reason of my dirt bike passion is FMX. I started to ride because I would to become a freestyler. Unfortunately my dad said that was a crazy sport and very dangerous. So I started to race, but in the end of every single training session I used to do some tricks, but nothing serious. In 2004 I met a rider named Marcelo Bento. This guy had a metal ramp and then I started to jump it. Later I built my own ramp and the rest is history…

Do you remember your first trick?
I ‘m not sure… but I think that was a cancan. At that time I still used to race.

Marcelo Simões

Since we are talking about tricks, many people say you have a great facility to learn new tricks. Something like: “you see a trick, you try it one time and complete on the second time”. Is that true or just lame (laughs)?
(Laughs) Actually used to be… I could complete a new trick very quickly, but not on full extension off course. After a tuff crash I realized the risk is too big! I take easy in these days…

Marcelo Simões

What is favorite kind of trick?
I really like handlebar tricks…. But whatever, tricks are tricks.

You have been working on the backflip. Do you think freestylers “want” to learn the flip as a new ride experience or they “need” it to be competitive in these days?

Both cases for sure! But mostly to be competitive I guess. In fact I’m not hurry to complete the flip on a 250cc bike. First because I don’t like the spin movement and second because I know that’s very dangerous.

How do you see the old FMX “dilemma”: Sport vs. Show. Do you believe one can annoy each other?
Well, this sport is a show. But

yes, this can be very annoying because some riders just want to make demos and don’t even care about new tricks. They don’t need to beat another rider in a contest! They have a full schedule but no time to training… There is no progression in theses cases. A real shame…

Latin America has a lot of skilled freestylers, tell me what’s going on over there, specially in Brazil.
Now we can say: “Brazil has top riders”. Guys like Giancarlo Bergamini, Gianpaulo Bergamini, Fred Kyrillos, Celso Aslan and other newcomers. Well, our main problem is a big lack of support. Besides we just have a few contests per year, and sometimes the organization is not good enough. Anyway… even having these problems we keep pushing the level high!

Marcelo Simões

You are a member of Brazil FMX Crew. We can define that as a Brazilian rider alliance, so can you tell me what are yours goals? What do you want to reach?
We want to promote Freestyle Motocross in Brazil! We want to present the real Freestyle Motocross here! We want to show the Brazilian scene to the world! We have plans to make demos and contests. We have been working to get good sponsors and start a Brazilian FMX Federation as soon as possible. We really need that to ensure fair contests here. You know, the best rider must get the win!

Who do you like to see riding?
Bergamini brothers and Fred Kyrillos for sure. We always ride together and that’s awesome! But I also like to see Adam Jones, Mike Mason, Dustin Miller, Drake McElroy… Man, the list is too big! So many different styles, so many tricks! Whenever I see a good run I just want to take my bike and have some fun!

Marcelo Simões

By the way, how is a good run in your opinion?
Different tricks, in all directions, full extension and smoothness. Well, that’s good enough for me (laughs).

What about the courses? I heard you are a “purist”! I mean, you hate metal landings on contests, right (laughs)?
Yes, absolutely! That scares me a lot (laughs)! Seriously, dirt is always dirt!

What about the new stuff on FMX courses, such as fun boxes?
Yeah, fun boxes are cool! I really need to get my own very quickly (laughs)!

What is your favorite place to ride?
My home!

Speak a little bit about your FMX career…
Training, training and more training (laughs). I rode some contests in Brazil and South America. I also use to be on sport channels and make demos around the country. Well, basically spend as much time as possible on the bike. That’s it.

Marcelo Simões

What are your plans to the future?
I have so many plans man…In first place promoting Brazil FMX Crew. I am working on our demo structure to make money and get a good divulgation. This year I will probably training out of Brazil. I don’t want to stop my progression. I also have a dream to ride in a real Brazilian National Championship Series, but this is so far away to happen. Case someday we have a real contest here I will be ready to take the first place (laughs).

Marcelo Simões

Simões, say something you always wanted to say but you never had a chance…
(Laughs) Man, I had many chances to say many things to some people involved in our sport. But I don’t know, I‘m dumb I guess, because I just say nothing (laughs). Seriously, there is something I would like to say to everyone who is reading this interview. I need more sponsors and I would love to get a chance in a big contest. I know I’m ready! Thanks to everyone, see you later.

Some facts ...

Name: Marcelo Simões
Nickname: Simão, Simon.
Age: 23.
Hometown: Herculândia, Brazil.
Bike: Honda CR 250.
Best FMX Film: Motorpsycho, Total Chaos.
Tattoos: I’ve got a couple.
Music: A lot of Punk Rock!
Web site:
Sponsors: Hércules, Shift, Somarole, Inflex, Odair Pneus, Band FM, Pro Racing.

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