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Tourstop 7 | Orlando, 24.06.2006

Orlando, Fla. - October 21, 2007 - The Dew Action Sports Tour, the pro tour of action sports, today wrapped up its final day of competition for the 2007 season at PlayStation® Pro, the fifth and final stop of the Tour. Nate Adams won the Freestyle Motocross season title.

Nate Adams

The trick that won the event for Adams was a transfer, taking off from one side of the course and landing on the opposite side.

“I knew if I put together a solid run with minimum mistakes that I would do better than everyone else,” said Adams who had a 93.17 score. Jeremy Stenberg of Temecula, Calif. was second with a 92.33 and Todd Potter also of Temecula, Calif. was third with a 91.50.

Adams, 23, of Glendale, Ariz., finished the season with four first place finishes and one second. He clinched the Dew Cup last month at the Toyota Challenge.

Dew Cup awards will be presented to the season points leaders in each of the six disciplines and the overall points champion will be named Athlete of the Year in ceremonies on Sunday.


Tourstop 5 | Orlando

1st Adams, Nate 92.67
2nd Stenberg, Jeremy 90.67
3rd Potter, Todd 89.83
4th Higashino, Takayuki 89.83
5th Miller, Dustin 88.17
6th Rebeaud, Mathieu 87
7th Mason, Mike 90.83
8th Lusk, Jeremy 87.5
9th Fullmer, Wiley 87.33
10th Richmond, Myles 84
11th Faisst, Ronnie 84
12th Buyten, Matt 82.67
13th Renner, Ronnie 81.67
14th Bamburg, Beau 83.17
15th Burlew, Derek 78.67
16th Rowe, Jack 82.17
17th Nielson, Sean 70.67
18th Jones, Adam 60

1st Adams, Nate 93.17
2nd Stenberg, Jeremy 92.33
3rd Potter, Todd 91.5
4th Lusk, Jeremy 90.73
5th Higashino, Takayuki 89.83
6th Miller, Dustin 89.67
7th Fullmer, Wiley 89.67
8th Mason, Mike 89.5
9th Rebeaud, Mathieu 88.87
10th Richmond, Myles


AST DEW Tour final points

1st Adams, Nate 475
2nd Jones, Adam 276
3rd Mason, Mike 257
4th Lusk, Jeremy 256
5th Potter, Todd 246
6th Stenberg, Jeremy 217
7th Fullmer, Wiley 193
8th Richmond, Myles 186
9th Higashino, Takayuki 180
10th Bamburg, Beau 178

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