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FMX Contest | Olympic Hall | Munich 2006
pix by Thomas Minde | story by Busty Wolter


For the second consecutive year the SuperCrossOver in Munich held a FMX-contest. The contest was held in a knockout format and gave especially some unknown youngsters the chance to build up a name for themselves.

The first round was held in 5 groups in the knockout format, the final was held in a 20 minute jam-session.

Tobi Immler (D) vs. Ilkka Salo (FIN)
That match was a tight one since both riders were right on spot with their big tricks. But when Ilkka crashed after a too big Turndown-Whip the way into the final was made up for Munich local Tobi.

Stefan Bengs (D) vs. Moritz (D)
The „seatgrab-kids“ gut their own duell and showed not only seatgrabs ;-). But the Upforce youngster Stefan came out on top against the Munich local.

Lukas Weis (D) vs. Florian Menge (D)
The busiest man that weekend, by racing AND jumping, showed his full bag of big and various tricks to kick the young Motopunk rider out of the competition. But Menge also showed some good skills.

Alex Blößl (D) vs. Daniel Liska (CH)
The german flip-wonderkid Alex flipped the big gap and showed big whips to kick the impressive swiss rider out of the final.

Busty Wolter (D) vs. Marko Bleiker (CH)
The swiss madman Bleiker came back from 7 months of inujury and was only happy to be back on the bike and stay in one piece. So he let Busty go into the final, but Busty showed the big flip, too.

Mr. Ronald Renner got a wildcard into the final, since no opponent was left over for him, lucky man! The final jam-session was a big show with a couple of big and various tricks. Alex and Busty showed big longdistance flip trains while Lukas and Ronnie were whipping it out. Tobi showed big Tsunamis and Stefan showed his full bag of grabtricks. In the end, when the dust had settled down, the judges could not really decide who should win. Busty turned out to be the lucky man in the top position in front of Renner, Lukas, Tobi, Stefan and Alex.

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