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text by Busty Wolter | pix by Christoph Leib

Fab Bauersachs
Fab Bauersachs | Rock Solid
Last saturday the first ATZE FMX JAM ended with success. Busty Wolter invited his buddies to have a week of fun and present finest FMX. From tuesday to thursday the boys had easygoing jams in the Upforce Ostbande FMX Park near Berlin / Germany.

The Upforce riders were joined by Swedens Fredd Johansson, currently in 3rd position of the FMX worldchampionships, and some amateur riders.

Besides the daily riding sessions the lifestyle was a big aspect in the whole jam concept. So the whole crew went wakeboarding, visited the Berlin concert of punkrock icons Pennywise, did a sightseeing tour on a boat through historic Berlin or grabbed some nice food at the punkrock italian restaurant „Due Forni“.

On saturday after practice the Big Air Session started with a 33 meters big jump. Not all riders wanted to join the session in sight of this big jump, but in the end Fredd Johansson, Stefan Bengs and Busty Wolter even did tight trains over that monster-jump. After all was said and done the riders voted for Busty as winner of this session.

After the warm-up for the FMX Park Session unfortunately it started to rain and jumping was not possible. But when the rain had stopped Busty tried to make the best out of it and scraped the mud on top away with a bulldozer. The riders decided not to do a contest because of the risky conditions, but ended up jumping a 20 minute jam-session for the 3000 spectators.

Tobi Immler | Crack Nac

Stefan Bengs
Stefan Bengs | King of Foam Pit
As final session of the day the King of Foam was on schedule. The crowd voted for the most spectacular trick the riders would show on minibikes, BMX and MTB. Stefan Bengs beat a nohanded frontflip attempt by Jim and his BMX, a 360 tailwhip try by Dominik on his MTB, as well as Freddy Peters’ Heelclicker Backflip on the minibike by attempting two doubleflips on his minibike.

The aftershowparty in the Silverwings’ Uncle Sallys party will be unforgotten by the riders and was the perfect finish for a cool week.

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