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FMX Challenge Tampere / FIN
story by Janne Rautavuori

This year's FMX Challenge was held in Ratina stadium, Tampere. 10 top riders of all over world was invited inc. Dustin Miller and Robbie Maddison. Track was like IFMXF contests with two 8m radius ramps, fun box and a kicker.

Toughest guy in contest was Austrian Martin Schenk. He was riding with a broken wrist and was happy to just survive. Swedish guys Daniel Bodin and Fredrik Berggren had problems in their runs with couple dead sailors, both still flipped long distance. Busty Wolter finished between them with flawless run.

6th place went to Germany's Fabien Bauersachs who made all of his tricks clean and good style. 5th was local rider Jussi Seljas. Jussi was defenently biggest showman of them all! Dustin Miller finished 4th and showed why he is one of the greatest fmx/freeriders.

You can see the experience in his riding. Double-up jump: rock solid indian to no hander lander with out bar check! Sweden's Fredrik Johansson was 3rd. No wonder he is called "Skilled"... Double-up: 360!

Runner up place went to Metal Mulishas Robbie Maddison. Maddo was best rider for track creativity and pulled some big tricks. Double-up: backflip turndown no footer to one hander landing!

It wasn't enough to beat Frenchmen Remi Bizouard. Remi's style is unbelievable and extension he pulls is crazy! Double-up: backflip heelclicker!

It is clear that riding level was the best Finland has ever seen!

Results FMX Challenge 2006 / TAMPERE 8.7.2006

1) Remi Bizouard Ranska, 735
2) Robbie Maddison Australia, 709
3) Fredrik Johansson Ruotsi, 679
4) Dustin Miller Yhdysvallat, 654
5) Jussi Seljas Suomi, 626
6) Fabien Bauersachs Saksa, 551

7) Fredrik Berggren Ruotsi, 505
8) Busty Wolter Saksa, 502
9) Daniel Bodin Ruotsi, 434
10) Martin Schenk Itävalta, 415

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