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X-Games Los Angeles 2012

The last 4 days the well known X-Games took place in Los Angeles. Here is a quick video backspin what happened in the several MotoX categories Best Trick, Freestyle, Step Up and Speed & Style.

Best Trick Highlights

Jacko Strong's Moto X Best Trick gold medal run. Strong pulled out an amazing body varial to score a 91.00 and the top spot on the podium:

Taka Higashino's second run scores a 90.33, landing him a silver medal in
the Moto X Best Trick event:


Cam Sinclair throws down a double backflip in round 1 of
the Moto X Best Trick event for Bronze:

Tom Pages doing an awesome Body Varial:

Clinton Moore falls after attempting a 720 during the second round of
the Moto X Best Trick event. Then his bike attacks him:


Taka wins the Gold Medal:


Step Up

After 11 attempts and a back-and-forth battle with Matt Buyten, Ronnie Renner walks away with the gold and a new Moto X Step Up record:  

Results MotoX Freestyle
1. Taka Higashino 93.33
2. Levi Sherwood 91.66
3. Javier Villegas 88.66
4. Nate Adams 88.66
5. Blake Williams 88.33
6. Adam Jones 88.00
7. Rob Adelberg 86.33
8 .Dany Torres 84.33
9.Todd Potter 84.00
10. Andre Villa 78.00

Results MotoX Step Up
1. Ronnie Renner 47.0
2. Matt Buyten 46.0
3. Brian Deegan 39.0
4. Myles Richmond 36.0
5. Massimo Bianconcini 32.0
6. Todd Potter 32.0

Results MotoX Best Trick
1. Jackson Strong 91.0
2. Taka Higashino 90.33
3. Cameron Sinclair 89.33
4. Thomas Pages 88.7
5. Clinton Moore 86.7
6. Kyle Loza 62.00
7. Bruce Cook 61.33
8. Mark Monea 61.0

Results MotoX Speed & Style
1. Mike Mason
2. Nate Adams

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