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FMX Gladiator Games – the Last Performance:
Double backflip, tandem backflip with a snowmobile and a FIAT PUNTO flight sealed the gladiator history
Story and pictures by Kryštof Šabacký/

FMX Gladiator Games 2011 fulfilled the most ambitious expectations and not only in the Czech Republic did they go down in history of adrenaline sport for ever. O2 Arena witnessed several records breaking stunts. Czech as well as the world top FMX riders roistered on the 32-meter-long jump, but all the enthusiastic spectators had a chance to enjoy a FIAT Punto jump, an unbelievable double backflip and also a tandem backflip with a snowmobile. The king of the night was, with his infernal stunts, Petr Pilát. But let’s start from the beginning.

It was already during the afternoon training when the Czech riders fought for the last competition place – the wild card – in the gladiator twelve. It was captured by Zdeněk Fusek, who besides the world champion Libor Podmol, Martin Koreň, Petr Pilát and the old FMX stager Petr Kuchař became another Czech iron in the fire of the night show. Straight at the beginning of the show the voice of the night, Leoš Mareš, introduced to the full house not only the riders but also the referees, the competition rules and the system of single markings.

Not long after that were the spectators sent into raptures by the first round of the gladiator fight. The riders had only one and a half minutes to show that they do belong among the best. The first one who warmed up the audience was only nine-year-old Matěj Česák, after him it was Zdeněk Fusek who entered the arena. And then everything went in quick succession. Daneil Bodin, after him Miller, Koreň and Strong continued and as the seventh one in the row, with a huge applause of the audience, it was Petr Kuchař who rollicked in his jumps. Other frolicking stunts were performed by break-neck riders from America – Mason and Williams, and lastly – the master, Libor Podmol. The thirteen was closed by the old stager Torronteras, Petr Pilát and the double world champion – French Remi Bizouard.

Before the second part the spectators were entertained by the ride of only fourteen-year-old Kritýna Vítková, who also rides freestyle motocross. An exhibition of minibikes followed, which unfortunately brought an unpleasant fall. The second round followed and the advancing eleven (it was only Matěj Česák and Zdeněk Fusek who didn’t advance) presented themselves. This was in three blocks: a non-flipped trick, a flip trick of their own choice and a trick of their own choice. The absolute winner of the competition was in the end the excellent Petr Pilát and after the scene was rebuilt an exhibition followed in which all the riders presented themselves in synchronized rides and chains so that in some moments the space in the air was full of riders.
Peter Pilát summed up, “I appreciate the victory very much because the competitors were really fantastic. The track was perfectly prepared. Everything went as it should and I hope that these really weren’t the last Gladiator Games.”

However, this was the time for one of the craziest stunts – Moore brothers’ tandem backflip with a snowmobile which literally put the fans of adrenaline on their feet. Then, during the performance of the female finalists of Miss FMX Gladiator Games 2011, the scene was prepared for Scott Murray’s double backflip. Who didn’t have strong nerves for this could go home because there were FIAT Punto and its non-trained jump waiting for its premiere. Everyone was petrified in that tight atmosphere, it was the organizer of the whole show himself – Marek Rejman who got behind the steering wheel and his co-driver was Zdeněk Fusek.

Marek Rejman, the main organizer of the competition, said, “When I, for the first time, saw the huge landing which was raised because of the long jump, I realized that it really wasn’t going to be fun. Zdeněk Fusek kept telling me all the time that it would be alright and there was nothing to be afraid of. So I just stepped on the gas and then I can remember only the landing and mad happiness.”
After they luckily got back on the ground an incredible applause broke out, nearly pulling down the arena, the final PYRO Show only sealed the whole, unbelievably packed night.

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