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FMX Show @ 29. ADAC Supercross Stuttgart
written and pictures by Tobias Hannig /

The 29th issue of the traditional ADAC Supercross in the Schleyerhalle Stuttgart was a great event with an all-time record of 16.000 spectators. The people got entertained with finest Supercross action on a really technical SX track with a lot of flow. The winner of both nights was the US SX star Mike Alessi. The FMX fans also got entertained by some international riders.

This year the FMX4EVER crew with Nick Franklin and Nick De Wit, the Upforce Crew including Dennis Garhammer, Fab Bauersachs and Tim Kerling, Whipmaster Lukas Weis were rocking the Stuttgart crowd. In summery the 29th ADAC SX was a great starter into the 2011/2012 SX Cup season and the Freestyle Fans saw a great mix of standard tricks and some backflips of fabulous Fab Bauersachs, Nick De Wit and Nick Franklin. Everyone got one's money's worth with this great FMX/SX action.

Here are some impressions:

Local Dennis Garhammer doing a DeadBody

Fab Bauersachs | Onehand Seatgrab Indian

Nick De Wit | Backflip

Nick Franklin | Doublegrab

Tim Kerling | Cliffhanger

Lukas Weis | Switchblade Indy

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