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GoldenTyre FLIGHT CLUB 2011 Final in Türkheim
Overall winner Sven Schmid
Christian Kleiner is Pfizipfei Rookie Of The Year
Flight Club Press Release | Pictures by Marco Wagner

Türkheim. The old and new German Freestyle Motocross Champion Hannes Ackermann won the final tourstop of the GoldenTyre FLIGHT CLUB 2011 last weekend. He won ahead of Sven Schmid and Tobias Seibert.

The 2011 season was not an easy deal for the riders as three of five Stopps had to be cancelled due to the shitty German weather. So the Wrecking Crew decided to invite the FLIGHT CLUB riders to a jam session to do a worthy season closing.

Eight riders, two ramps and no pressure from any audience – the setup in Türkheim was perfect and so all the riders showed their best tricks. Especially Hannes Ackermann pulled some sick tricks like Cliffhanger Backflip and massive Rock Solids. So, he was judged with the best possible result at the FLIGHT CLUB: 1,0!

Hannes Ackermann - the german Champ 2011

The overall winner 2011 is Sven Schmid, second place goes to Tobias Seibert ahead of Christian Kleiner. The 18-year-old boy from Thuringia was the hottest young gun of the season and therefore got also the title as „Pfizipfei Rookie Of The Year“.

Tour winner Schmid on the right/ Kleiner Rookie of the Year (sikspak shirt)

Now, it`s up to the Wrecking Crew to decide how to continue with the FLIGHT CLUB FMX series. Within the next weeks there will be an anouncement, but at the moment it looks pretty godd that the FLIGHT CLUB will not die after the third season.

Tobias Seibert doing a extended Tsunami

An update on this can be found here in a while, meanwhile feel free to check the official website of the GoldenTyre FLIGHT 2011: or visit the FLIGHT CLUB Sportliga on Facebook.

Christian Kleiner - Rookie of the Year

More information about the riders can be found on

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