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X-Games 16 | MotoX Best Trick & Whip & Step Up
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Gold, Silver and Bronze Go To First-Time X Games
Medalists in Moto X Best Trick Final

Los Angeles, Calif. - The Moto X Best Trick Final delivered plenty of thrills as the top three spots went to first-time X Games medalists. Australian natives Cam Sinclair and Robbie Maddison received gold and silver, and Taka Higashino of Osaka, Japan, took bronze.

"I have been watching the X Games since I was 10 years old," Sinclair said. "This is a dream come true."

In his first X Games, Sinclair wowed the audience and the judges as he successfully completed a double backflip during his first run. This is only the third time this trick has been landed at the X Games, and Sinclair is the second rookie to win Best Trick.

"After my accident in Spain, I had lots of practice and preparation for this competition," Sinclair said. "Even though I have completed the double backflip eleven times, I was really worried because the set-up is different everywhere. I am excited that I was able to pull it off."

Second and third place were close as Maddison completed a smooth spin for his first run and then impressed the crowd with a Volt to side-saddle lander. Higashino's double grab indy air secured his first bronze medal.

"I am honored to get silver and am stoked to get my first medal," Maddison said. "Taka's trick was insane, and to me, I see no difference between second and third."

"I am super excited. This is my fourth year at X Games and my first medal," Higashino said. "Sometimes the difficulty of the trick messes with my head then I think about Jeremy Lusk. I felt like he was with me and I stuck it."

Best Trick Bronze Taka Higashino– Backflip Double Seatgrab Indian

Best Trick Silver – Robbie Maddison – The Volt to Can Can Landing

Best Trick Gold – Cam Sinclair – Double Backflip

The Fans Take Over X Games 16 and Vote Todd Potter
as the Winner of the Moto X Best Whip Final

Los Angeles, Calif. - X Games 16 gives fans the power to judge via text message for the Moto X Best Whip Final. With more than half of the votes, Todd Potter claimed the gold medal for the second consecutive year.

"I felt great tonight, and thank you for voting for me," said Potter. "This event has always been good to me. I am already considering how I can take it to the next level for next year."

The California native was definitely a favorite at the STAPLES Center as the crowd roared their approval each time he took the turn down. Rookie Jarryd McNeil from Yarrawonga, Australia, garnered the second most votes and took silver, his first X Games medal. Rounding out the top three was Jeremy Stenberg, who placed for the first time in Best Whip.

Best Whip Gold – Todd Potter

Matt Buyten Steps Up to Reclaim the Gold Medal
in the Vertically Challenging Moto X Final

Los Angeles, Calif. - After the final two contestants missed the 32'6" bar, the Moto X Step Up Final came down to one last elimination round. X Games 15 gold medalist Ronnie Renner, who was looking for a back-to-back win, versus Matt Buyten, who was hungry to earn his third X Games gold medal in this challenging event. Sailing over the bar, Matt Buyten secured gold after taking the bronze last year.

"There is so much pressure every year at X Games," said Buyten. "What's great is that everyone respects this competition, and it means so much to win the gold again."

Beginning the Final at 26 feet, the first round looked more like practice as everyone cleared the bar. However, it quickly came down to Buyten, Renner, Myles Richmond and Todd Potter as they attempted to jump the 32'6" bar height. When the next step was raised a foot, only Buyten and Renner remained.

"Every year, Step Up is a dog fight, and I knew it was going to come down to me and Renner," Buyten said. "It's much harder than it looks to do, and the landings are rough. I have a massage already scheduled for Monday."

Richmond claimed the bronze, his first X Games medal.

Step Up Gold –  Matt Buyten

X-Games 16 – Staples Center – Friday, July 30

Moto X Best Trick Results

1. Cam Sinclair 94.33
2. Robbie Maddison 93.66
3. Taka Higashino 90.66
4. Clinton Moore 90.33
5. Levi Sherwood 88.33
6. Rich Kearns 88.00
7. Todd Potter 85.00
8. Paris Rosen 52.66

Moto X Best Trick Results
1. Todd Potter 54%
2. Jarryd McNeil 19%
3. Jeremy Stenberg 11%
4. Beau Bamburg 7%
5. Josh Grant 6%
6. Josh Hansen 3%

Moto X Step Up Results
1. Matt Buyten 33.50
2. Ronnie Renner 32.50
3. Myles Richmond 30.50
4. Todd Potter 30.50
5. Jeff Kargola 28.00
6. Beau Bamburg 28.00

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