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Masters of Dirt | Graz/Austria
MOD Press Release | Pics by Martin Reiter

Three days of rocking action in Graz - successfully completed. Everyone is worn out from all the hard work and fun that combine to make MoD what it is. Three jam-packed shows in Graz, with an enthusiastic crowd was a nice way to end off the first leg of the 2010 MoD World Masters Tour.

On day two in one of the final backflip trains of the night, Charles Pages scared the hell out of everyone in the house by throwing a HUGE 360 in the middle of the train. He never hinted to anyone that he would do it, so it caught everyone by surprise. It looked insane and the riders in the air behind and next to him said they thought all hell was about to break loose - they were convinced a huge crash was about to happen.

Another highlight that was actually planned as part of the show, was the daily three rider side-by-side segment. Each day ET, Maddo and Adelberg got closer and closer to each other whilst in the air. Their final jump on Sunday was a three rider KOD flip sequence, literally shoulder to shoulder.

The Synchro sessions were sweet, especially Maddo and Adelberg who literally overlapped wheels, arms and legs during their routine. ET's whips were gigantic as ever and the Step-up made for some close competition between Alastair and Maddo on a tricky and technical lip.

The bicycle Tow-in session also had the crowd on their feet.... and they just got better as the weekend progressed, with the guys throwing out massive frontflip and backflip combinations over the full size FMX kicker.

Jon Guetter and Jostein Stenberg were the Quad and Snowmobile flippers, each taking turns to end the show at the back of an all-rider-in backflip train. Jostein's last flip of the weekend was a 1 hand underflip - on a 300kg snowmobile. Holy moly!

Busty Wolter said his thanks to the Graz fans as part of his retirement year on the MoD tour, the Fuel Girls did their usual saucy stuff and the minibikers had some good jumps and gutsy crashes.

The riders and crew will now take a well earned break after the action of the last 2 weekends. They will then recharge and prepare for 4 days of MoD madness in Dublin next month.

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