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IFMXF receives the rights for the
FIM Freestyle MX World Championship
IFMXF Press release | 25st October, 2005

Switzerland / Geneva, 22nd October 2005, at the yearly conference of the FIM (Federation Internatonale de Motocyclisme) the contract between the marketer IFMXF and the FIM was signed. From 2006, the IFMXF become the exclusive proprietors of all commercial rights at the Freestyle MX Worldchampionship.

The FIM concluded in November 2004 to include Freestyle Motocross in its program. Jointly with the leading worldwide producers and marketers from the Freestyle MX organization the IFMXF, they developed a control device which is unique within the FIM.

This partnership atmosphere has succeeded in taking up the spirit of this type of sport and to open a new perspective through the amalgamation. The difficult point of the partnership is that the Freestyle MX has a wide spectrum of young riders to adapt to the international control device in the single nations. Furthermore International contest judges and officials are being instructed, which should promote the development in the single nations.

The previous “NIGHT OF THE JUMPs” series of the IFMXF remains the same and will be expanded in 2006.
Marko Manthey (Marketing Director IFMXF) : “the contract with the FIM opens new horizons in the development of our sport, the contract formation and the control device respect the lifestyle of the riders and sets boundaries only where it concerns the security of the riders. We see the partnership with the FIM very positive.

The IFMXF established freestyle MX in Europe in 1999 and with the “NIGHT OF THE JUMPS” series laid the foundations for the media Len success of this young sport type.

In 2005, more than 550 h of IFMXF TV events were sent worldwide and reached more than 900 million viewers in the relevant target group. Wolfgang Srb (President Motocross Commission FIM): “with Freestyle MX the FIM finds itself on new grounds and was with the IFMXF able to win a partner, with whose competence and advice we can build and trust!”

For 2006 there are now 10 FIM world championship races planned, a large part of which will take place in Europe. Further information at and

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