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TSG launches new website
TSG Pressrelease

In 2010 we delight with an all new website. The relaunch doesn’t only cover a redesign of the site but implements a bunch of new and innovative functions. A sophisticated filter function opens the user multiple possibilities to find his desired products. Starting by entering the appropriate sports world you will be guided through the collection until finding the favorite model.

For those trying to find the color-matching helmet to their snow/skate/bike/wake outfit, we offer an intuitional tool to explore our products by color filter. Size and price range filter give additional support. For those knowing exactly what model they want to look at, our product search also enables the direct access to the desired product.
Our product detail view is pimped with product information, direct online shop option as well as a photo blow-up by moving the mouse over the picture.
The team rider area comes with photo gallery, videos, biography, and interview and informs about the rider’s TSG setup with direct link to the according product.

TSG TV shows a collection of action videos as well as product training videos, featuring team riders explaining their favorite TSG products.

The new focuses consistently on state-of-the-art web technologies. The broad use of AJAX and CSS3 increases the user experience. During a session only the requested data is reloaded and not the entire site.
We commit to a continued upgrading of our website. In a next step we integrate an edutainment module, bringing alive our product technologies and quality standards.
Optimization and operation refinement are our top priority, being prepared for web 3.0


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