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The NIGHT of the JUMPs Calendar 2010
IFMXF Pressrelease

The official NIGHT of the JUMPs 2010 calendar is available now!
Featuring the hottest action from all the IFMXF riders, events, girls and fire breathing working machines of the worldwide NIGHT of the JUMPs tour 2009!

The NIGHT of the JUMPs calendar in super size format 50 x 35 cm (20 x 14 inches) is available now to order for only 19,95 € + shipping through and by mail to

You can win Night of the Jumps Calendars 2010!

You only need to answer the following question:

Which rider won the FMX Final at the NIGHT of the JUMPs FIM Freestyle MX World Championships in Cologne, 24th October 2009 – Round 9?

Libor Podmol   Remi Bizouard

Deadline of this game is: December, 13th, 2009

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I want to get more information about FMX themes.

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