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Crusty Demons Press release

October 8, 2009 - A United States arbitrator has crippled the plans of Michael Porra's company Rush Sports & Events International Pty Ltd (known as "Rush", or referred to as the parent company Global Action Sports) to stage an unauthorised Australian Crusty Demons tour in 2010 by directing the immediate cancellation of more than half of their planned shows while the legal process over who has the right to hold a Crusty Demons tour here continues to its final conclusion.

The arbitrator prohibited Rush from going on sale with tickets for a total of
eight of its planned unauthorised events. The other six shows that are already
on sale in Whyalla, Bendigo, Orange, Gosford, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast are now effectively in limbo pending the court's final ruling, which is expected within a few weeks.

Rush was not required to immediately cancel the six unauthorised shows that
have already gone on sale simply because of the harm such action would inflict on innocent "third parties" (not Rush), including the fans who have already bought tickets and venue owners and riders who might be harmed if those shows were cancelled.

Fleshwound Films, owners of the Crusty Demons brand who are currently in legal proceedings with Porra's company, terminated its contract due to numerous substantial breaches of contract and is suing for significant damages. Fleshwound then appointed Dainty Consolidated Entertainment to hold Australian Crusty Demons tours for the next six years.

Fleshwound Films owner Jon Freeman is pleased that Rush is prohibited from
going forward with eight out of the 14 shows it had announced. "Eight
unauthorised shows down, six to go is how we look at it right now. Rush should never have put these shows on sale, knowing their contract was terminated and these legal proceedings needed to be completed," said Freeman. Fleshwound Films' Freeman added: "We look forward to bringing the Crusty fans the most mind-blowing Crusty shows they have ever seen."

Dainty Consolidated Entertainment Chairman and CEO Paul Dainty said: "We
understand there is a legal process still to be determined in the US but this
interim ruling is very positive for us. So we are continuing our planning for a
sensational tour next year." For media enquiries please contact Andrea Kerekes at Access PR on (02) 9270 4011 or 0418 427 412.

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