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Brice Izzo @ Masters of Dirt | Vienna
Collet Laurent | February 2008

Here we go for a new season with a lot of contests and shows and everything started in Vienna Austria for the Masters of dirt where Brice were doing his first appearance with the new Kawasaki 250 after only 10 days of practice. And everything went pretty good since he finished at the second place on the Saturday with two new tricks in his bag: the flip cordova and the flip shaolin.

After a whole driving day (1400 km) we finally arrive in Vienna. The town was looking pretty good but the serious things are starting tomorrow and a comfortable bed is waiting for us at the hotel.

The morning after, we arrive in Arena with a complete sleeping night and ready for the trainings. The park was really sweet and the dirt really good. The riders invited were really good too: Thomas Pages, Massimo Bianconccini, Daniel Bodin, Frederik Bergren, Dereck Garland, Dustin Miller, Ronnie Renner, Busty Wolter, Fabian Bauersachs, and Jolene Van Vugt, the crazy girl you can see flippin’ or jumpin’ in Grand Canyon in Pastrana’s video. Se was there for doing a little show because she one of the rare woman to ride freestyle. Brice is going for his training session with our friend Thomas pages. Everything went good for Brice who get use to the track pretty quickly. He is feeling that he need more training session on the Kawaski but he is confident for the contest.

Brice is starting with his qualification run, and he will do some nice stuff with some little mistakes. At the last jump, the rider will go for his first cordova flip on dirt and land it perfectly.Our rider is happy to go in final but he is already thinking to his next new variation, the shaolin flip.

After a short BMX session, the fuel girls show and some other stuff, it is time for Brice to go for his final run. He will do a perfect various run, with flip no hand, rock solid, turn down, cliffhanger, flip superman, supercan no hand, flip cordova and to finish, a shaolin flip with good extension. This made him the 4rd guy to land the shaolin flip in the world after Jones, Danielson and Rebeaud.

Unfortunately for him, the judges will say that the Thomas Pages run was better despite of the few errors he committed. No problem for us, we are happy to see a frenchy at the first place. And the Brice’s 2nd place is pretty good too in regard of the few time he spend on riding his Kawasaki.

On Sunday Brice will be a little bit sick and will commit some mistakes that won’t allow him to go in final. Today Brice is already training hard and is really determined to get the first place on the next contest. We want to thanks the MOD promoter for the good they provide and all our sponsors.

Masters of Dirt in Vienna/Austria | the Results

1. Thomas Pages
2. Brice Izzo
3. Daniel Bodin
4. Derek Garland
5. Massimo Bianconcini

1. Thomas Pages
2. Daniel Bodin
3. Ronnie Renner
4. Derek Garland
5. Massimo Bianconcini

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