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Since the end of last year Deep Silver and Red Mile brought out the „Crusty Demons“ game for the PS2. Busty Wolter has played it and says „ When I watched the first Crusty videos as a teenager I was stoked of this crazy lifestyle and jumps.

Crusty Demons P2 Game   The Crusty videos where a big influence on my FMX career. It is fun to be one of the original Crusty characters now in the game. The game transports the crazy lifestyle and stunts very well, not only on a MX bike but also on Monstertrucks, dunebuggies and all the other vehicles from the videos. For sure it is not a MX race or FMX simulation, but it is a lot of fun.“

The game has many different levels on different locations. You can access original Crusty-videos and other goodies by playing the different challenges in the levels, so this game never becomes boring.


You can win one of three Crusty Demons Games by answering the following question until May, 31st 2007:

Who ist he famous daredevil and longdistance jumper from the Crusty videos, who was also famous for his spectacular crashes?

Right answer: Seth Enslow

The Deadline of this game was: May, 31st, 2007

And the winner are:

Arthur Vallée from Trégarantec/France
Marco Ineichen from Kriens/Switzerland
Joakim Lyck from Leksand/Sweden

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