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TSG launches new website and online shop
TSG press release | February 2007

We are happy to announce that we all-new TSG website has gone online! It comes in a complete re-design and provides much more features than ever before. To find specific products, the site unveils a product search tool that instantly finds the product you are looking for. If you want to browse through the collection it's much easier now cause of a pull-down menu structure that allows various product previews with a zoom-in product functionality.

The upgraded team section features a team rider blog that is updated regularly. You can surf through photos, videos, bios, news and diaries.

TSG has been around since 1988 and was the first company that offered skateboard safety gear. Read about the history, how everything started, evolved and what we are up to now. Pimped with an ad archive that shows the very first ad creatives and a press section that is regularly fed with new exposures we receive in the media.

Newly added is a online shop, where we offer our bag and apparel program. We decided to not sell our helmets and protection pads online as we believe it is much smarter to get them at your local skate/snow or bike store. protection gear needs to be tried on before buying in order to find the best fitting product for your individual body shape and head size.

Our new website is going to add new features constantly. We will complete it with a sizing chart and a technology part that informs about safety certifications soon. It's definitely worth to come back regularly as new features pop up constantly.

Enough told, check it out yourself:

By the way they are running a winter sale right now!

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