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The FIM Freestyle MX World Championship Season 2007
IFMXF press release | February 2007

After the big success of the first FIM Freestyle MX World Championships last year, which has been won by Swiss Mat Rebeaud, the IFMXF World Championshis series will start in it’s second season. On 22nd of February the season opening will take place in Liberec (Czech Republic). 12 of the world’s best FMX riders will fight for the first World Championship points 2007.

Night of the Jumps Freestyle Motocross is one of the most amazing dare-devil sports around in the modern world. When the noisy FMX-Riders speed into the arenas the masses go crazy with excitement. Since 2000 the FMX Professionals are performing the popular sport at the NIGHT of the JUMPs, showing off their amazing skills in the incredible shows, with 500,000 audience members in the arenas as well as millions of home viewers. Freestyle Motocross started in USA in the mid 90’s and was first brought to Europe by the fantastic IFMXF in 2000. This helped to convert the NIGHT of the JUMPs into an international series, creating a fantastic opportunity for the riders to showcase the impressive sport in front of live audiences and media across the globe.

Several of the famous FMX heroes brought up by the NIGHT of the JUMPs are:

Mat Rebeaud (SUI / KTM), Ailo Gaup (NOR / Honda), Andre Villa (NOR / Suzuki) Sebastian Wolter (GER / Suzuki), Libor Podmol (CZE / Suzuki)

In 2006, the public’s interest in the NIGHT of the JUMPs-series had spread rapidly. 24 contests took place in 14 different cities, 12 of which featured the NIGHT of the JUMPs riders also competed for points in the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships, the first official FMX World Championship series! Swiss Mat Rebeaud won the Riders World Championships ahead of Czech Libor Podmol and André Villa from Norway. The constructers title went to Honda ahead of Suzuki and KTM.

By comparing it to other sports, it’s obvious that Freestyle Motocross comes under the extreme sports category.. All of the FMX riders participating in the NIGHT of the JUMPs are trained professionals who make a living from their careers in the industry. Each contest in the NIGHT of the JUMPs series initially receives funds aside of the winning fees. The typical amount of profit raised in a NIGHT of the JUMPs season is likely to exceed 1 million Euros.

Each NIGHT of the JUMPs show will consist of three sections; Freestyle, High Air and the Best Whip contest. The athletes perform incredible jumps upto 11 metres in height. Several types of jumps usually shown are the Backflip, Tsunami, Cliffhanger, Rock Solid and the Heartattack. The FMX riders also partake in risky hands/feet free stunts on the bikes; as well as performing stunts on the Airwalk, which prompts the audience to go crazy, jumping out of their seats in a frenzy.!

An amazing IFMXF season is about to happen. After the Double-Backflip of Travis Pastrana and the first FMX World Champion Mat Rebeaud in 2006, the Freestyle Motocross World Championships 2007 are focused worldwide.

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