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IFMXF Press release | 31st March, 2005

After the first 8 rounds of the 2005 IFMXF “Night of the Jumps” series, everyone needed a break. The intensity of the riding, the show and the schedule wore the nerves out.

During this break it was good to look back and reflect on just how far the FMX scene in Europe has come in a relatively short time - and how FMX has become a global sport.

Since the first official contest in Riesa Germany in 2001, IFMXF events have grown significantly. This is largely due to feedback from riders and the IFMXF’s desire to contiunally improve the events and keep them rider friendly.

Here’s a short summary and some interesting stats on the IFMXF’s events and series thus far;

Number of IFMXF contests completed to date: 36
2001 – 2 events (‘NOTJ’)
2002 – 3 events (2 ‘NOTJ’ & ‘WC’)
2003 – 10 events (6 ‘NOTJ’, 3 ‘WC’, 1 Desert Storm)
2004 – 13 events (6 ‘NOTJ’, 2 ‘WC’, ‘Wchamps’ and 4 Invitationals)
2005 – 8 ‘NOTJ’ events completed so far, 8 more in the next 8 weeks… keep track of for more on the events, riders, rankings or for footage!
(NOTJ = ‘Night of the Jumps’ series, WC = World Cup events, Wchamps = World Championships)

76 riders from 4 continents and 20 different countries have scored IFMXF World Ranking points to date. These include riders from the USA, Canada, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, England, South Africa and Botswana. 100s more have tried to qualify through the various pre-qualifying events. ( for the latest “Night of the Jumps” and World Ranking lists).

IFMXF contests have been staged in 11 different countries to date; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, England, South Africa and Namibia.

The IFMXF’s vrious series continue to expand, with new events currently being arranged in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Brasil - which will give 100s of new riders the opportunity to break into the IFMXF World Rankings.

The IFMXF’s integrated judging system and technical support were used at the Red Bull X-Fighters events in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Additionally, FMX shows at Supercross events, music festivals, exhibitons and Expos around the World have been co-ordinated by the IFMXF to promote and grow awareness of FMX outside of the US.

The IFMXF Red Bull X-Ray Clinic development tour has visited England, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, South Africa, Italy and Switzerland. So far it has been a great success and spawned an explosion of new riders from the countries visited.

The riding Level at IFMXF events: Apart from the figures above, we have seen the level at the IFMXF events climb significantly each year;

· In 2002, Fabian Bauersachs (Ger) was the number 1 ranked rider and won several events in ’02 and ’03. At present, Fabian is fighting to qualify for the starting list at IFMXF events, which is more a testament to how the riding level and competition has improved around him, rather than an indication of his lack of form.

· In ‘02 and ‘03 the same 8 riders regularly traded places for the final 6 positions at IFMXF events. By comparrisson, in the last 6 weeks alone, we have seen 14 different riders qualify for the final 6 spots at IFMXF events.

· In the first 2 years of IFMXF events, US riders could come to Europe to ride an IFMXF event and would have little difficulty in winning. And it is largely due to the feedback from these pioneering US-based riders and the influence of their riding, that the IFMXF events and riding level have improved so dramatically.·The last time a US rider won an IFMXF event was in June 2003, when Ronnie Renner won in Salzburg.

·Since then, there have been over 20 IFMXF contests featuring US riders - including Derek Burlew, Mike Mason, Brian Foster, Kenny Bartram, Adam Jones, Ronnie Renner, Mike Jones and Drake McElroy – without a US win. This is by no means an anti-US statement, but rather an indication of the current level of competition at IFMXF events. Admittedly it is difficult to ride in a foreign country with foreign ramps and a different judging system. Something that the growing list of foreign riders have had to overcome and adapt to.

· Again, the feedback from riders of all nationalities has helped the IFMXF design better courses at each event. The feedback and constant communication with the riders has also led to the development of a highly sophisticated judging system.

The break in the action ends next weekend, with rounds 9 and 10 of the 2005 IFMXF “Night of the Jumps” hitting the Max Scmelling Halle in Berlin (April 9 & 10). Rounds 11 and 12 are next in Bern Switzerland on the 22nd and 23rd April. But, enough numbers already!

Hopefully the figures, stats and info have given you more insight into the growing sport of FMX. For more information, visit our newly updated site,, or mail with your questions or suggestions.

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