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…in the beginning – The MotopunX-DVD
MotopunX press release | January 2007

Ailo Gaup Calendar 2007

The MotopunX are a dirtbike-crew from the north-east of Germany. A long time ago they had the idea to produce their own video: a real german underground video.

In spring 2006 the idea became a plan and they started to work on it. So you can see footage from different fmx-shows and jams. There are racing and freeride-scenes. The DVD also contains a dia-show and some outtake-stuff.

Next to the MotopunX you can see Hannes Ackermann, Sebastian Radel, Lukas Weis, Sven Schmid and a lot of riders from the german underground-scene.

The MotopunX produced this DVD with high quality requirements to themselves but without a budget. The result is a 35-minute flick which is produced by heart. The name “in the beginning” manifests that this one would not be the last one.

The DVD is not for sale, but maybe you can get a copy by mailing the MotopunX.


Watch the trailer here: …in the beginning – The MotopunX-DVD

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