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Premiere of the Scott Genius MX Boot
Scott press release | January 2007

Key Components

Scott Genius MX Boot Impact Sole Pad

The Genius’ mid-sole features a pad molded from a specially formulated polyurethane for improved shock damping and optimal connection to the motorcycle.

Grip Strip
Each Genius Boot is outfitted with a strip of pliable heat resistant rubber on the inside of the boot cuff. Tthis feature allows riders to “grab” the bike with their legs.

Patented Scott Pivot System

The revolutionary hinge system is combined with advanced polymers to provide the rider with the pinnacle of protection, while maintaining performance and comfort.

Scott Genius MX Boot

Shin Guard
the Genius Boot also features a patented injection molded guard at shin level to protect the lower leg from impacts, roost, and other unplanned obstacles. Iit is adjustable so that it can positioned to provide the highest level of protection for each individual rider.

The whole boot is made with Hytrel® polyurethane Sure-Feel Shifter Pad

The Hytrel® polyurethane material keeps the memory of the boot’s form and is not affected when the temperature, even really cold and really warm.
An external pad constructed of Hhytrel® polyurethane is positioned on the shifting area of the top of the boot. The interior of the boot, allowing the rider to feel the shifter without compromising protection of the foot.

Upper Shell Liner
this removable and washable liner with medium compression administers a comfortable and contour-adjusting fit.

Brake Transfer Pad
The right foot of the Genius Boot is equipped with a durable pad that improves brake lever sensitivity. Tthe pad transfers brake lever pressure to small ridges in the interior of the boot, allowing the rider’s foot to feel the lever.

Strap and Buckles
Like the outer construction of the Genius Boot, the straps are comprised of molded polyurethane. As well, they feature an incremental ratcheting system for strong, yet precise, adjustment. Tthe buckles are produced from sturdy aircraft aluminum and they lock in place firmly when closed.

Internal Bootie
the internal bootie of the Genius MX Boot features a custom insole, adjustable fitting pads, and a thermo-shaped tongue. An external rubber outsole forms around the base of the footpad, increasing durability and reducing movement inside the outer boot. The boot size goes from 41 to 46.

More information about the Scott Genius:

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