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“Mind of the Demon”
Explores the Psyche of Motocross Legend Larry Linkogle
Press Release by Breaking Glass Pictures

October 27, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA — Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the November 22nd DVD release of the exhilarating, octane-fueled Motocross documentary “Mind of the Demon.” “Mind of the Demon” is a tale of revolution and rebellion; part extreme stunts, part fast paced lifestyle. A mix of death defying stunts and rock star lifestyle, “Mind of the Demon” shows how high one can go, and how fast one can fall.

In the 1990s, infamous dirt bike rider Larry Linkogle began a revolution. Fed up with the culture of motocross racing, he along with his friends set out to create a new sport. The high-stakes, often death-defying world of freestyle motocross was born and took fans of extreme sports by storm. Though Linkogle rose to legendary status with his record-breaking stunts and rock-and-roll lifestyle, his inner demons and self-destructive behavior eventually led to his demise.

Narrated by Motörhead front man Lemmy Kilmister, “Mind of the Demon” is a morbidly fascinating look into Linkogle’s brilliant yet haunted psyche. Through incredible archival footage and interviews with colorful characters and top dirt bike competitors, “Mind of the Demon” rebuilds the thrilling story of the birth of freestyle motocross. Past and present intertwine and drive Linkogle’s story towards two possible conclusions: glorious comeback or nosedive into self-destruction.
This award-winning documentary has been voted “Best International Documentary” at the Bel Air Film Festival, “Best Documentary” at Slamdance. USA Today calls it “heart-wrenching”, while ESPN describes it as having “nothing held back.”

The DVD release will come stocked with Special Features including highlights of Linkogle’s career, a behind the scenes featurette on the film’s score with band members of Bad Religion, Suicide Silence, and others, and a short horror film, “A Slaughterhouse, an Old Man, and a Bloodthirsty Robot”, featuring Linkogle.

For more information on “Mind of the Demon” including interviews and final DVD copies, please contact Justin(at)


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