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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


After the IFMXF Event in Berlin i was pretty busy with some media work and sport nominatings. I got chosen from my hometown to the “sportsmen of the year”, was guest of honor at the Sportgala and did some interviews for some mags and a media spot for regional Tv. The big german Magazin “Motorrad” made a portrait of me.

The IFMXF Event in Graz was sweet – we had a huge track with one step up jump, 5 other ramps and on SX part. I did a stress test while my runs and I am pretty surprised how high my pulse and stress factor has been during the runs. I had on both days really good runs and I did my first Superflips to catch some extra points.

That was the plan but—the judges didn´t count my last jump on Saturday because I was out of time for 3 seconds. Great job guys! Do they have an idea how hard it is to get all the things done to make the tricks working- like setting the steering stabilizer, the fliplevers, making sure to have the right gear after some Flipcombos where the riders shift in 3 gear because of locking under the shifter and and and? Jeah, but the sport is not dangerous enough so we need some time pressure as well.

Fab throwing out a nice Onehanded NacNac Backflip - Pic credit: Oliver Franke

Another rider had the same time trouble in the final and missed one trick too because of some seconds but Remi B. had the same mistake and his jumps got counted. After that they had a discussion and decided to give us more time with the statement "we are doing FMX and not Racing"…….… pahh, that´s what I am talking all the time by the way! Whatever, it cost me my final place on Saturday and on Sunday I missed the Final with only 2 points. So close again.

Next Event in Basel we had a midget track and all riders had some trouble to get used to this tight arena. After some changes on the bike setup I felt pretty good and I had clean runs which made me the way to the final on both evenings. Two times on 6th place in Final and I am happy with that results because the level of the other riders is pretty crazy right now.

Three Days later I went with my buddy Tim to the Netherlands for a FMX show called "Vat on Wheels" in a huge tent where we met Busty, Fred J. and Gille de Jong from Fmx4ever Team. We had a great time there and the organisers did a great job to make an successful event and the atmosphere was great.

Direct on the next day I drove to the TschechPuplic for the next event- everthing was pretty chaotic and there was many work to do to get all things right for training and the evening event . Luckily they made it in time and the event started like scheduled. In the show all riders pulled massiv tricks and the spectators got really crazy.

The judging system there was more focused to an best trick system or showing the highest risk level than the whole run and I finished on 4th place . Some riders crashed pretty ugly or was really close the hit the ground bad and I am really happy about my riding and to catch my goal to ride on a high level but safe also. Hey, I want to ride some more years and not focusing on only one event ;o).

Stay tuned and see you soon,


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