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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter


Since not so much was happening in March, this newsletter comes a bit later than planned. March started for me with filming for DSF Bike Magazine on the beautiful volcano island of Lanzarote. Nice place and at that time much warmer temperatures
than back home.

Since not so much was going on FMX-wise, I hung out at the famous Wängl Tängl snowboard event of the Ästhetiker crew in Mayrhofen and shredded a bit myself. During easter weekend me and my girl took it easy, hanging at her parents place and also fixing the deal on our new appartment in Cologne. Our new place is so cool. It is an old building from 1870, but completely redone and close by a lake. And I also have a garage for my bikes. Happy about that!

Straight after easter it was time for another great Masters of Dirt event, this time in Dublin. This was kind of hard since it was scheduled to be four days in a row. But everything was great and I don‘t know how we do it, but we managed to add some new spectacular things like side-by-side jumps of the bicycle guys. I also got back in shape and pulled all my old flipcombos in practice. In the last show I was lucky when my shiftlever broke after landing. Just two jumps before this had happened I threw a Nohanded Nacnac, where I hook my foot under the shiftlever. I don‘t want to imagine what could have happened if the lever had broken during that trick.

After Dublin I started moving the first boxes from Berlin to Cologne before I headed to the first round of the Red Bull XFighters World Tour in Mexico-City. I went there for my new gig at Servus TV, being the TV-expert. The event was cool as always... until they had to cancel it in the middle of the competition due to too much rain. What a pitty! André Villa was not too bummed out since he took the win by having won the qualification. Well done, buddy! Finally you got that win! But of course everybody felt sorry for the spectators since they did not even get to see all of the riders. But from a riders point of view cancelling the event was the only option since it got way too muddy out there.

But that was not the only strange thing about my Mexico trip. Because that volcano in Island was throwing to much ash into the air pretty much the whole flight traffic in Europe got stopped. So we had to hang a few more days in Mexico and were not sure when and if we will get back home soon... Instead of flying straight from Mexico back to Frankfurt we changed our trip to Madrid, the only airport working regularly at this point of time. From there on we had a flight to Rome and would see how to get on from there. But luckily more and more airports had opened upon our arrival in Madrid, so we could change our flight to Vienna, took a rental car to Munich and finally I went with the train back to Cologne. What a trip! But we were really lucky since we did not really have to wait really long or so while other guys have been hanging at Madrid airport for 4 days!!! Since I am back in Germany now, I will be able to ride the scheduled shows on the next two weekends, yes! And in between I will have a stressy time to move all my stuff to Cologne before the end of the month... I also found a spot to build some jumps at near Wuppertal. Thanks to Marco Peñas for hooking me up and letting me ride with him on this setup! Looking forward to start building the landings as soon as we get the permissions 100% fixed!

Take care, yours Busty


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