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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter


Hey all!
Time is running and February was over pretty quick (and not only because it has a few days less than all the other months…). So this is what has happened for me.

In the beginning of February I was hanging at the ispo sports tradeshow. I did not really have a lot to do there besides keeping my sponsors at VANS, Oakley, Skullcandy, Light Board Corp., Protec and MG-Sport from working by eating their snacks and drinking their drinks. One day I went with photographer Peter Ortmann of to the BMX hall in Emmering to ride it one last time before it got closed. I rode out my first flips on a BMX bike. I know, it doesn‘t sound impressive for a guy flipping his MX-bike, but I really never flipped a bicycle onto a hard landing! So now I am planning to put the flip into my MTB slopestyle-run at the Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg (coming May, 21st-24th, including another great Upforce FMX Show, presented by Suzuki, and another Dan Dryers Punk‘n‘Roll-gig)…

After the ispo I went to the first 2010 Night of the Jumps in my hometown Berlin. Since I stopped competing I was there for my new job as host of the DSF Bike Magazin. It was fun to hang with my friends and interview them for the TV show. The competition was good to watch as well, especially since my buddies Fab Bauersachs and Kai Haase did so well. Unfortunately Freddy Peters couldn‘t go as big as planned on his new thumper since he overjumped in practice and injured himself… The show will be aired in April (I don‘t know the exact date yet).
In the following week the folks at invited Fab and me for a snowscoot experience in the VANS Penken Park in Mayrhofen. It was great two days with the guys from Blackmountain Snowscoots and we had a lot of fun. You can check out the story and video of this at Thanks, guys!

Afterwards I sat together with the guys in the Red Bull Mediahouse. We agreed that I will commentate as expert for Servus TV (Red Bulls own TV-station) at all the Red Bull X-Fighters events this year. Servus TV will air all the stopps live! So check out to read more about the settings of your digital satellite receiver to be able to watch it!
After all this stuff it was finally time to ride again!!! I was invited to the first Masters of Dirt tourstopps in Vienna and Graz on the following two weekends. MOD was great as usual. It really feels like visiting your family since all the riders and the organisation around Georg Fechter are a tight knit crew since many years. The shows were insane and actionpacked. At all the shows I said „goodbye“ to the crowd, since it looks this was the last time I was there as a rider. My plan is to get my PCL fixed next winter and so I will have to sit out next years events (but for sure I will be there and help where I can). I was part at all the events in Vienna in the last eight years, so it was emotional for me, as funny as this sounds! Thanks MOD-crew!!! Masters of what? MASTERS OF DIRT! Haha! By the way, since many got it wrong: I WILL NOT STOP RIDING IMMEDIATELY!!! I will ride FMX shows in all of 2010, so don‘t stop booking me for shows!!!

By the way, in Graz the MTB dudes Yannick and Sam managed to drown the Fuel Girls buggy in the lake right next to the arena since they wanted to drive it on the ice. Too bad it was +10°C and everything was melting. So they broke into the lake and the car sank down to the ground. Luckily enough it all got captured on video. Check out this link to see the full action, it is really worth watching it!!!
In between the two events my lovely fiancee Steffi and me checked out appartments in Cologne, because we will move there towards end of April. So another chapter in my life will beginn there, since I will be much closer to the folks at Fox Germany, the motoX magazine office, my band buddies of Dan Dryers, the crew around MTB rider magazine and Local Face BMX/MTB shop, which offers a lot of opportunities for the future. Right now I will just have to find a spot in the area where I can set up a landing and two of my ramps. So if you have any suggestions, I will be happy to hear from you!!!
March will be kind of easy going eventwise, but I will spend some more time on my snowboard and also a lot of time to ride FMX and MX with my Upforce buddies since the snow in Berlin finally has melted! Yippieh! Since Fab has made a deal with Suzuki Germany recently, he will have to do some testing and I will be very happy to help him with that. With Fab on yellow bikes as well our Suzuki Upforce FMX Team has expanded and now we are set for all stages of FMX! 2010 is looking great!

Take care, yours Busty


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