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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter


What was going on in the first third of the year?

it seems that I was way to busy in the first four months of this year to write newsletters after every event or month ... sorry about that! But now I want to share with you what has been happening in my life lately.
Due to the bad weather in Germany I spent a lot of time in Italy at Alvaro Dal Farras wonderful appartment and park during February and March.

Alve turned out not only to be a good rider, but also a great person and especially cook! So a big thank you goes out to my italian friend!
In the end of February I was part of the Masters of Dirt tour. The tour started with four events in Austria. Unfortunately I had a crash in the first practice session at the first event, Vienna, that took some of my confidence. In the end of the tour I was back at the riding level that I had just before Vienna. I was a little bit bummed that I could not completely show what I wanted, but I guess crashing and it‘s consequences are part of our game... the tour itself was good and it was a lot of fun to ride. Since it was pretty much the same riders every weekend it felt like a schooltrip. Of course, with Georgie Fechter being the man in charge, the parties were great, too!


After the MOD tour it was time for me to get things going since I got an invitation to ride at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico. I was pretty stoked to be able to ride in one of the most prestigeous FMX events in this world. To ride in the biggest bullfighting arena of the world in front of over 40.000 enthusiastic spectators was a very special feeling.

The next event on schedule was my first IFMXF appearance of the year at the Night of the Jumps in Krefeld. I was pretty motivated to ride well in front of the german crowd. In the end I finished in 5th position and was happy with that result since I was the only german rider in the final.
Now I have another big trip in front of me: I will jump at the Sputnik Springbreak Festival, a big music festival close to Leipzig. I will be pretty busy there since I am also giving my personal concert debut with my band Dan Dryers. The funny story behind it is: I bought a guitar last year, inspired by playing Guitar Hero all the time. My friend Lippe, boss of the Mountainbike Rider Magazine, bought a bass and Martin Donath, also working for the magazine, bought a guitar. So we decided to start a band, meet three times in the year and play „Ace of Spades“ of Motörhead... I live in Berlin and both of them in Solingen, 5 hours away. But our fun project evolved into a real band. So check out to get an idea of us actionsportsguys having our own band... A couple of months later we are playing at this big festival! But besides playing with the band I will have to jump FMX shows as well and help producing a TV show for german TV station DMAX, starring myself. So you see, I never get bored...

After the festival I will go straight onto a roadtrip that Alvaro Dal Farra and me organised. After last years succesful southeuropean roadtrip we head direction north this time. We will start in Czech Republic, head up to Sweden, come back to Germany and finish in Italy. We are producing all the photo- and videomaterial ourselfes and with our friends. So I am really looking forward how everything will turn out and how much coverage we will be able to produce. Straight from the roadtrip I will go to the ixs Dirtmasters Bikefestival in Winterberg for another mixup between an Upforce FMX show with our new mobile landing and a Dan Dryers concert. Straight after the concert, that I will probably do in my riding gear since it will be straight from the bike onto the stage, I will drive to hamburg for the Night of the Jumps...

Besides all this riding news I am proud to announce my newest addition to my sponsorlist: Since March I am wearing nice and cool swatch-watches. I am pretty stoked about our collaboration since swatch was always a big supporter of actionsports since I was a kid. To see a big, global company as swatch giving me their trust to represent them makes me think there must be something right in the way I do things...

That‘s it for now. I hope I will be able to let you know what‘s going on with my riding a little bit more often than every 4 months...



Next Events:

10./11.05.2008 Sputnik Springbreak Festival, Halbinsel Pouch / Germany

23.05.2008 ixs Dirtmasters Bikefestival, Winterberg / Germany

24.05.2008 Night of the Jumps, Hamburg / Germany


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