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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter



the Air & Style in Munich is over and I have to say, that it was a pretty good event! Good track, good organisation, good riders and a great crowd! After all the problems from last year the organisation has done their homeworks very well and this year we did not have anything to complain!

Busty Wolter
Busty doing a longdistance Backflip at the Nokia Air & Style Games

The contest was held in a Knockout system with both riders on the track at the same time. The format worked pretty cool for this contest. My only „problem“ was my opponent: X-Games silvermedalist Adam Jones. Adam is a tough guy to beat. But I rode as good as possible anyway and felt well. Adam kicked me out but the judges told me afterwards, that it was a close call. That made me happy!

Wiley Fulmer won in the end after he kicked out Nate Adams in the semi and beat Beau Bamburg in the finals. With his big overextended style and a huge underflip Wiley totally deserved the win in my opinion, even though the competition was pretty tight and everybody rode well.

Now I will take my feet out of my Tech-10s and put them in my snowboard boots for a few days before I will end this years season at the SuperCrossOver in Munich.

See you,



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