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The Busty Wolter Column
written by Sebastian Wolter


on the first weekend of November I was guest at „Wetten dass...“, europes most succesful entertainment TV show (with an average number of about 15 million (!) spectators). I was betting, that I could land on and destroy 5 apples, that were attached on the landing, within 2 minutes after a 20 meter long jump. With my last jump I finally hit the last apple and finished 2nd in the telephone voting for the best bet. Cool! Thanks go out to Spielbetrieb and Suzuki for making this possible!

But I did not give myself time to party since I headed down to Italy for some days of nice practice with Alvaro dal Farra (Thanks for the hospitality, Alve!), Massimo Bianconchini, Martin Koren and Tobi Immler. So I was well prepared for the IFMXF Worldcup in Hamburg last weekend. My main goal was to show the crowd my first ever long distance backflip in a contest. Practice went well and I did 3 flips. But in my qualifier run things went wrong on my last jump before the „double up“ when I came 10 cm short on a Flintstone-to-Sidesaddle landing. The bike sent me flying over
the bars and so I was not making it into the finals AND could not show my big flip... I was disapointed, that I could not fulfill my promise from Cologne, so I decided to do the flip in the
whip-contest. I did so, but of course this did not help for the whip-contest result... anyway, I have proven, that now I am also in the big flip club! But still I am a little disapointed because I think I could have finished in 4th position that night, without the crash.

I also got a nice interview (in german) at „Spiegel online“:,1518,447061,00.html
Now I am sitting in Spain to ride with Morgan Carlsson, Rino Holm and Fab Bauersachs in André Villas SUZUKI-FMX Park. When I come back I will ride the last IFMXF worldchampionship round in Poland. After that it’s time again for the Air & Style in Munich as well as the SuperCrossOver. After that I will call it a year...




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