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The Andre Villa Column
written by Andre Villa


As most of you know I suffered from a big crash at the X-Fighters final in Poland in September, leaving me with a broken Tibia and Fibula. The search for new lines took me down after I hit a big whole under the carpet they had put on the lip.

The Polish surgeons didn’t do a good job placing the 38cm rod in my Tibia, and in the end of October I had to go in for another surgery to regulate their unforgiveable mistakes. The second surgery went really well and now it’s just up to nature, nutrition, time and my own contribution to the rehabilitation.

The second surgery was a setback, but the crutches have now been stored together with all the older ones. Except for a small gangster limp I’m walking as normal and I am feeling better every day. I will take some new x-rays in a couple of weeks, and depending on the doctors opinion I am hoping to get back on my bike sometime in January. My first performance will be an exhibition at Rally Norway the 12th of February.

I blew this year chances to win the FIM World-Championship title, something I’m not taking too hard.I knew my odds weren’t that good since I was in for X-Games, X-Fighters, Dew Tour, eleven FIM rounds and all the other contests in Europe. Looking back I don’t regret my decisions. I didn’t feel that only focusing on WC was enough and I didn’t want to sacrifice any of the other important single events to strengthen my odds. It doesn’t feel that long ago since I struggled with my knee injury, but I don’t feel sorry for myself or down at all. It’s been a long time since I accepted that injuries and FMX go hand in hand, and there is no way around it. I’m prepared for the worst and I will go down again. A freestyle pros life today is pretty much going from one injury – giving your life to the sport, till the next injury – never knowing what’s going to take you down around the next corner. And even if we know it is going to hit us again, we crawl back on our bike willing to face our demons and sacrifice our life over and over again. There is no money or fame in the world that can level with the worst outcome of this sport. If that is the reason YOU are riding FMX, I suggest you get off the train.

My plan is to stay on that train for many years to come and I feel that my career has just started. I do love life and I feel privileged having my passion as my job. The fun and joy of riding is the main reason why I’m doing it, but there is a competitive part of me that want to go out there and kick ass and prove for myself what I can do. All my life has been build up to what I’m doing right now and I’m not giving up the goal of perfection. Even if you like it or not, expect me being around for a long time because this MF sold his soul to FMX and is not giving up before he can’t ride a dirt-bike anymore, or when the value of health comes ahead of the of the current outcome.

It would be strange if I didn’t mention anything about getting the award as the sexiest man in Norway (from Elle: ) since most of you probably know it. What should I say? That’s some funny stuff, even though I wish they used another main photo than the one where I looked like I was starring in a boy band. Ha-ha, whatever. I do think it is cool that an FMX rider won. It proves that FMX is accepted in Norway also and that the mojo is still there even how crippled or full of scars I am.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank everybody who helped me through this injury and this

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Thank you for the time.

Andrè Villa

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