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The Snitz Column
written by Steve Sommerfeld


Hi everyone,

With some sore joints and plenty of diesel used, Schuie and I have made a good start to the first week of our Australian Freeride Road Trip with riding at Jake Bowen’s natural terrain compound, Fixing a GoPro to Schuie’s Remote Control Helicopter for sky-high footage, I flew in a Red Bull stunt plane to 8 G-Forces in Sydney and we even rode at X Games Gold Medallist, Jackson Strong’s compound in Wagga Wagga!

We have been very busy on the road to say the least – and each day I have updated the website and continued to edit our helmet camera and handycam footage. 

If you are interested to read and even share the links of each of the days blogs and the Video of week 1, you are more than welcome!  I hope you enjoy it, as it has been a great trip already and realistically this is just the start of what is to come!

Day 1 – Driving to Coffs Harbour:

Day 2 – Riding Jake Bowen’s new Natural Terrain compound:

Day 3 – Off to Sydney and towing the iLoad and Trailer in the wet:

Day 4 – Working at the JDR KTM Factory race team:

Day 5 - Red Bull gave me wings!  Literally – 8 G-Forces:

Day 6 – Chill-out day:

Day 7 & 8 – Riding at Jackson Strong’s:

When we reach Western Australia on the road trip, we are also still organising to have a Freestyle MX Coaching clinic, and at the moment for those who are interested, can you pencil in Sunday, September 25th, but as anything can happen on the road, this date may change – but 25th is what we are aiming for.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, who have made this possible!

Steve: Valyside, Lakes Networking, FOX,, GB Orthopaedics, Q Magnets, Motoz, Motorex, Tag, DB Race Suspension

Schuie: SP Tools, KTM, Unit, Hyundai, Alpinestars, Osiris, Motorex, Tag, Advanti, Geronimo Jerky

Let’s see what the next week brings!


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