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The Snitz Column
written by Steve Sommerfeld


It feels like the entire year of 2010 I could barely ride because the weather has been so bad here in Brisbane in Australia. It has progressively turned worse and the past 3 months has rained almost non-stop and it certainly meant no practice, but it also meant the ground around Queensland has been absolutely saturated and can’t take any more water. As you have probably heard by now, the news has been all over the world that Brisbane has just gone through a massive flood, and actually 75% of the state of Queensland! It’s an incredible amount of water, and what experts say is a flood area larger than Germany and France put together. I have been very lucky, to only have minor flooding through my house but not like the many thousands who have had it tough and some lost lives.

I was away in New Zealand however for Christmas and the New Year period to ride the now annual FMX Battle which is supported by Red Bull. I rode last year and took out 3rd place and I actually did the same again this year after two round series. Once again Levi Sherwood was back home for it, and once again he was out injured and couldn’t ride which was a shame. Nick Franklin was back home and took out 2nd place and Steve Mini won the comp. I had a great time, I felt good on the bike despite not having any practice because of the weather at home. The two round series was held the week either side of New Years, so in between we had some good down-time and celebrated New Years. I spent it with former FreeriderMX magazine editor Simon Makker and his family which was pretty low-key but a good time had by all.

After finishing the comp on January 3rd, I holidayed for a few days around the North Island of NZ, seeing the mud pools and geysers at Rotorua and then to the Bay of Islands at the top of the North. I then did an impromptu show up there with Mary Perkins who promoted the FMX Battle show. Liston Borrie and I put on a cool show for the small town of Kaikohe, and where we got to meet the real locals of NZ.

I’m back home now in Brisbane and heading to Perth tomorrow to put on a cool FMX show in Perth which has a 120 foot ramp. It’s not very often in Australia that there is a 120 foot show, so it will be very interesting. I haven’t jumped one of the ramps yet, so I’ll be trying to get some practice in on the Friday before the show and get used to it. I’m also giving away one of my Valyside graphics kits that I didn’t use on my old Yamaha, and now that I ride KTM I don’t need it, so one lucky winner can put it on their YZ250.

I have to split now, I have yet another meeting regarding the Trail Bike Park I’m trying to build with Matt Schubring and others here in Queensland. We hope it will still happen with a massive State Government and local council grant. Hopefully we will soon have the best place to ride a motocross bike in the world. But until then, more meetings before it happens.


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