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The Snitz Column
written by Steve Sommerfeld


Wow, what a month. November was crazy and it felt like I didn't have any time to even enjoy a lot of it. After X-Kings competition last month I went home and kept working on getting my FMX skills back after injury. I learnt a few more tricks and I was feeling really good before the Valyside Australian FMX Championships in Narrogin. We had some troubles getting a KTM250SX over there though but the promoter's managed to help me out and get a bike up. I rode pretty well at that competition with a whole new course for this year and more cement run ups and a re-designed Wall Ride section. I picked up 5th place behind some of Australia's best riders including Robbie Adelberg, Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore.

As soon as I finished up at that comp, I had to pack my bags and fly straight
over to Jakarta which is the capital of Indonesia. I had a TV ad to shoot for
the upcoming Indonesian Supercross series called 'Powercross'. It was pretty
fun actually, I didn't have to do any riding, they set up full cable and rigging
systems so they had Indonesian guys just doing the little jumps and stunts and then it was all completely re-animated with CGI to make a TV ad that looks more like a blockbuster action movie teaser. I stayed in Indonesia for 3 days and had a whale of a time, although Jakarta is right in the middle of terrorism which sucked. The hotel I was staying in we had to drive through the entrance and get stopped by 8 police officers who checked the cars for bombs and then a metal detector before you can even walk in the front door. There was more security than an airport but I felt better that we had it than if we didn't.

I got back home from there and decided it was time to get back in the foam pit so I headed up to Clinton Moore's place a few hours north of my house. He has almost an X-Games course at his home compound with a huge foam pit too. After watching him throw down crazy 360's on dirt and then his new 360 combo's into the foam pit I decided to finally sack up and do 75ft into the pit. I've always only done 45ft but had that mental block that I didn't want to go 75ft. Well I actually nailed the first flip at 75ft to my surprise. So that was awesome to get the big monkey off my back. Now I can progress with it and hopefully go to dirt very soon.

For the next 2 months though I'll be busy riding shows in Indonesia at the
Powercross series. The Indonesians are a crazy crowd so the shows will be
awesome. Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore are coming with too so it'll be cool to have a cruisy ride with those boys instead of them throwing down 360's and ruler flips to try win big prize money for a change. So we're heading off next week and I'll have heaps more photo's from those events and our adventures in between.

I've also got my new website updated, so you can check in all the time as I'm
updating it daily with new content, stories, photo's and video's. Check it at

Until next time, take care!


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