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The Paul Smith Column
written by Paul Smith


Hope everyone is doing well and getting things done in '09

i had this weekend off, so I figured I better get something accomplished. its my b-day i turned 29, again! Ha ha for the 13th time. So I packed up my gear and bike, and me and my racer buddy from canada, Mitch Cooke headed up to the Team FMX foam pit.

After spending all sunday, and the first part of monday morning flippin into
the pit i headed back to Hard Rock Cycle park to put it to dirt. i did about 25 a few months ago, but started crashing on the last ones and
figured i better let it go for a bit.

Paul Smith flipping on dirt!

i got my gear on and did some upright tricks for a few minutes to loosen up,
and then figured "theres no time like the present"

It is still super scarry, but i manned up and did 6 yesterday to dirt and was

Check out this video link to Paul's backflips on dirt!



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