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The Muph Column
written by Martin Schenk


Following up the NotJ in Graz I rode a flip show with my friends Andrea Cavina and Ciccio in Italy, another one the following weekend directly on the beach of Fano with my Daboot buddies Iccio, the Doctor and for the first time Johnny "Sono il TOP io eh?!" aka Miki Monti jr. aka Tarzan!

After that we had the whole week to play in the foam - apart from the fact that foam pitting ain´t that nice for allergic persons (yo Iccio!! haha) everything went perfect and I learned Nacs, Indies, Can cans and Nofoot Can cans upside down. Not so bad for an old man...

A big grazie goes out to my friends at Daboot especially Bianco, Pippo, Iccio and Jader as they all made it possible in the first place!

Next week I should finally get my steering damper so there´s still a couple of combos to have a go at hehe! Guess if I had to ride a contest right now I wouldn´t bother to do a single right side up trick - flipping´s just too much fun!

Bianco and Pippo also took some pictures at practice so check the gallery out here!




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