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The Muph Column
written by Martin Schenk


It´s been pretty quiet around here for some time, I know... but the reason for the lack of recent updates hasn´t been the lack of things to do! Exactly the opposite has been the case!

Setting up my new Schruf Yamaha was the first thing which kept me busy. That´s what I came up with and I´d say the bike pretty much kicks ass!

Muph's new ride
Muph's new ride with camo tyres and forty8 sticker ;-)

To get used to the bike I was riding a lot of tracks lately and with the sweet suspension Moto Pitkan is providing me with it´s been an awesome lot of fun! Just for fun I´m also riding my 50Attack supported 125cc Pitbike a lot since there´s a funny indoors Mini-MX track near my place. I even tried myself on Speedway last week, which was a completely new experience as it doesn´t have anything to do with riding a normal bike! Pretty cool, I´ll surely do it again, so maybe next time I´ll have some shots as well... thanx to Mario for hooking me up!

In between I did some demos, went to the Intermot in Köln/Germany and had my eyes lasered to finally get rid of my lenses/glasses! Now the best time of the year has come for me, since I got a lot of time now to keep myself busy with whatever makes fun!

I don´t have any great plans for the next few weeks, just taking what´s coming my way. Thanks for dropping by and listening to my 50 cents...




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