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The Remi Bizouard Column
Column written by Remi Bizouard


Ended the year well - ready to rock in 2012

Looking back. 2011 was a strange year for me.
I started strong - winning the opening World Cup event in Turin. Then fell flat when I had some issues in the middle of the year and got frustrated making things worse. So in the summer break I changed some things : my training programme, my bike and my attitude. I found my groove and riding became fun all over again. Results were visible right away and got me back to feeling how I should on the bike. Winning the last four rounds of the World Championship in a row, I finished the
championship in second.

December 2011 Review:
Gladiator Games, Prague. My first visit and it was a great show with a good mix of Euro and American riders. They took great care of us and the loud Czech fans were nuts!

World Cup Sofia Bulgaria. First time in this country and it was a good contest - had a
great time after the event hanging out with the riders and crew after a long season.

The day after Christmas I did a contest in Gijon Spain. 5000 Spaniards came to watch
me duel with my friend Jose Miralles and a host of other riders. In the show format we rode Step-up, Best-trick and FMX - with combined scores deciding the overall winner. I surprised myself and tied with Jose for first in Step-up, an event I normally don't ride! After all three event scores I tied with Jose for the overall win and the judges gave the victory to the local hero.

30 Dec, Bilbao Spain. The shortest show I ever rode in my life. 3 warm up jumps, 9
jumps in the show and it was over... Strange.

New Yearʼs Eve: I caught up with some of my local friends for a dress up house party for a few hours. C'est la night! Then got straight in the car and drove 6 hours to Manosque (near Marseille) to finally get my plate taken out of my leg.

Recovery: Spent the last week and a half resting after surgery and start riding again this week.

Plans for 2012:
Iʼm loving the new 450, I learned a lot in 2011 and simplified things. This year training in a better balance with more MX track riding, more stretching and less time riding circles in the FMX practice park - putting the the fun back into my riding. My eye is also on 2 or 3 new tricks, and Iʼm going to be switching some things around with some of my old tricks.

What I have to look forward to?
- Warm up UEM contest in Linz 20 & 21 Jan.
- World Cup, I plan to ride the entire series and go for my third World Championship!
- I would also like to ride as many MoD events as possible, because they are fun and the vibe is good.
- There will be some interesting and unique demos with Monster Energy through out the year too.
- X-Fighters contests: I would love to ride more of these events. If I ride well enough in the opening World Cup events, I hope to get an invite somewhere along the way - but with the different energy drink sponsors who knows how itʼll work?

Looking forward to riding in lots of new shows in new places and meeting new people all over the world. Without my sponsors I would not be able to live this amazing life; Thank You to Monster Energy, Kenny, Ipone, Stomp Design, Stoica Graphics, FMX4ever and Scar. Also thanks to everyone for the support this far. Hope to see you at an event soon!

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Thanks and see you soon


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