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The Remi Bizouard Column
Column written by Remi Bizouard


Back in Action

A month ago my doctor finally gave me the green light to get back on the bike after a long frustrating layoff. Since my crash in April I had been waiting to get back up and ride again. So after the Docs's good news there was no time to waste and I was on my bike ready to ride an hour later.

With just a few days of rushed practise at home, I was off to Holland for a Masters of Dirt show at Zwartecross MX Festival. It was awesome to get back into it and show my stuff in front of a crowd of hardcore MX fans. Riding with MoD Crew again was fun and gave my confidence a big boost after 3 long months off the bike.

From there I went straight to Madrid for my first shot at an X-Fighters contest. The rider line-up was beyond doubt the strongest ever seen and the course looked good. I wasn't sure what to expect after just one week back on the bike, but I gave it a go anyway.

I felt like I rode pretty well, doing most of my big tricks and getting a great repsonse from the crowd. The atmoshphere in the ring was intense and I was happy with my ride. Unfortunately I learnt after my run that I still have a lot to learn about the unique judging system used at X-Fighters. It's so different to waht I'm used to and I was told I had focussed on the wrong things. So I didn't make it to the quarterfinals this time, but I now know what I need to do next time around.

Seeing how hard some of the riders in Madrid had worked over the past months - while I was sitting on the couch healing my leg - motivated me to try some new stuff. Which is exactly what I did when I got home.

I've ridden every day since and apart from getting all of my old tricks back, I have some new aces up my sleeve.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of 2010.

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