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The Remi Bizouard Column
written by Remi Bizouard


Hi everyone,
I went to Cap d'Agde on the August 8th to do a show for a national Saint Thibery SX. My buddies Brice Izzo and Martin Koren were also there. We did a great show in front of 4500 thousand people. Then i came back home for a week and went to Brice's place for some pratices and video session. We drove to Hulva in south very south of spain (1700km) and we had a great show in front of 8000 thousand crazy spanish dudes! Jose Mirrales, Eugenio Zafra, Izzo Brice and Victor Cordoba were the riders.

After spending a lot of money into rental companies to get some machine for my park I decided to buy my own! I will use it when ever i want and i also could pratice more often.

On the 5th september we did a show in Brienon (Auxerre) for a national Sx in front of 9000 thousand frenchies, Romain Izzo, Nick Francklin and Fredrik Berggren. After 5 hours of sleep, we drove to Reygades for a big Motocross Kenny Festival.

We only did one show but the local guy realy liked it. Morgan Carlson and Ludovic Guilloux was the two other riders. Most of the summer Shows are done, now the big contest are comming! I can't wait!

I got two new sponsors:
One who will take care of my cars Wheels!!
Thanks to the Dotz crew.

And the other one Stompdesign will help me to get the best grip!

I hope you all had a great summer and fall should also be amazing!!

Next events :

Lübtheen (Germany) 26

Riga World Cup 10/11
Cologne Night of the jumps 24 th
Nuremberg Ramp 2 ramp 31th

Ostrava WC 6/7
Zagreb WC 14th
Namibia WC 21th

See you.


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