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The Remi Bizouard Column
written by Remi Bizouard



Enjoy my news-column ...

After couples of visits to different doctors and hospitals they finally found what my sickness was: Expanded Disability Status Scalp!! (névralgie du scalp in french)

After 3 weeks spent in the bed and 4 kilos loose I was back on my bike! But the weather has been not nice in France so I have to go to Barcelona at Jose Miralles's Park for 3 days practicing.

Dortmund SX 11,12 and 13:
The most popular SX of Germany! I really enjoy this show with a full arena during the three days.

Athene SX 19 and 20:
One of the oldest city in the world, I've been there the last year for the same show. We had a beautiful weather, many good parties and a big arena (9 000 peoples).

Kosice Rebulique Slovaque 25 and 26:
It was the first time I was so far in the east of Europe. Same organisation as Pardubice with two landings and 4 ramps! The public was cool and shouting pretty loud!Around 2500 people the first night and 8500 the second night.

1.Rémi Bizouard 95b
2. Kota Kogimura 85b
3. Eugenio Zafra 80b
4. Massimo Bianconccini 75b

Then we went out for big party times!

Shoulder surgery:
My shoulders get dislocated a few times in January so I decided to get my next operation on Monday 28! It was hard for me to take a decision because I was able to ride like that but I would have take the risk to have a serious crash!! So I'm out for 6 weeks but usually February is a bad month for practice and contest! The doctor said that I will be back in the middle of March and that I will have a strong shoulder. The good thing is that It will be better for me because before the surgery my shoulder was getting dislocated at every flip indy or tsunami! So, I could only be better.

Remi Bizouard

From February the 11th, only physiotherapy everyday until middle of April! I came back to Belgium to see the doctor and he was really happy about my shoulder and impress how the mobility was good as well! He said I can start to ride the 10 march with a 100% new shoulder!I can't wait this moment!


30 Marseille show with Izzo brothers

5 and 6 Ifmxf Berlin
18 and 19 Ifmxf Graz
26 Ifmxf Krefeld

16 and 17 Ifmxf Basel
24 Ifmxf Hambourg

20 and 21 Mod Johannesbourg
28 Palma de Mallorca

4 Xfighters Wuppertal


9 Sx Show St Thibery (fr)
15 Show Corsica

27 Ifmxf Beograd

11 Ifmxf köln
25 and 26 Ifmxf Riga

Of course I will have many more events! I usually get around 30 events in the year. I ll send you the press report soon.

Have a good day!

Take care


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