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The Remi Bizouard Column
written by Remi Bizouard


On the 6 and 7 of January I have been in Athen for the traditional SX, i did the show with Jimmy Verburgh, Stefano Minnguzzi and a local rider! The weeks end after I went to Marseille for some practices.

Then back at home and worked on the foam pits for a week. I had two weeks free for practice but at home the weather was not good so i decided to go where I thought will be better in south of Spain at Danny Torres place in Seville but once again the weather been shit! After 5 days in Seville with difficult conditions I went straight to Barcelona for 2 days practice at Jose Miralles Park and took a plane from Barcelona to Kiel north of Germany for a contest on a speedway track with fmx4ever team!

February 3 and 4 in kiel for a show with fmx4ever team: Jimmy Verbugh, Nick De Witt, stoicka and brock! Back in Barcelona we drove me and Mirrales to Granada.

Friday 9 in Granada for another contest with Torres (sp), Mirrales(sp), Bambourg(usa), Fulmer(usa) The run up was so short and difficult that we had no training and only 4 warm up jumps! Like always in spain it was sold out!! I took 4th place on mobile landing! Finaly back home and got 3 days practice and learned the no hand flip

The 22 February Liberec (cz) first world cup of the year! I won the qualifications and the whip contest (with Busty Wolter (d) and ended 3rd in the finale run Mike Mason(us) 2nd, Romain Izzo(f) Won, two French on the podium!(

The next days in Graz (at) for the first MOD ( series like in Liberec I won the qualification and Second in the final Mike mason won, and the same for the second day! I got second, Mason first!1 March: I got a call from Jimmy Verbugh to do a show the same evening in Mons 750 km far way from home I just pack my bag and drove all the way and did 2 days show in front of 20 000 peoples.

Remi Bizouard
Remi's new bike design

On the 10 march in Innsbruck Austria for MoD series! It was on 2 mobile landing the arena was sold out around 6000 peoples!! I won the qualifications and also the finale run FINALY! And got a nice trophy

Many magazines are coming out with some good shoot I m gone send everything soon as I can! I'll be in Vienna Saturday for the third MOD series.

Thanks and see u,



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