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The Øystein Kjørstad Column
written by Øystein Kjørstad


Hello everybody.

As most of you probably already know, I ended my professional fmx career at the IFMXF event in Hamburg 24.05.2008. I want to give the hole IFMXF crew a BIG THANK YOU for all the good memorys and for making it possible for me to make a living of riding my bike for almost 10 years.

I still ride my bike alot and do fmx shows. My last show was in Norway 15.11.2008 in the famus "Vikingskipet"! It was a great show called "Gatebil ice festival" and it was a show with Rally cars, Speedway, FMX, Go-kart and Drifting cars. It was rally drivers like Petter Solberg, Henning Solberg and Andreas Mikkelsen. The FMX show was really cool with 3 big landings and six riders, Ailo, Fredd, Frog, Loggan, Thom and me.

My new full time job is at the local firestation in Kongsberg, Norway. It is a big difference to have a normal job, than to be a pro-fmx rider. I like my new job alot, and I took part in burning down a house yesterday for practice for firefighting.

New rides!
I signed a new contract with KTM for 2009, so new models are arriving in my garrage. I also got to test the new KTM ATV 450 SX 2009 model, it was really fun to ride and I tested the Quad on one of my ramps. I jumped it a little bit and got to know the feeling before I backfliped it into my pit!
So backflip on the ATV is my latest prosjekt.

I also did some cherety work for kids with family problems (alcohol and drugs), I gave away a day with myself that peaople could bye. All the money will go to the "kids with family problems" projekt.

I also want to use this newsletter to thank all my fmx friends and IFMXF friends that signed a really cool t-shirt for me. This signed t-shirt means so mush to me, thank you all. I will put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

My next event is a FMX show with RIDEFREE at the world rally chamionship round in Norway the 12. February 2009.

You can see more pictures on my website


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