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The Morgan Carlson Column
written by Morgan Carlson


Just a short update.

It´s been some crazy traveling going on! Me, Broecky and Daniel Bodin did a show in Holland on the 30th of April, it was a windy and rainy and to be honest we should´nt have done it.

I did a decent show but Bodin crashed on his third jump and his fingertip is still left in Holland. He´s ok otherwise though. Straight from the show into the car to drive to Austria for a show in Zillertal for the foundation Wings For Life,, everyone was there. The big boss from Red Bull showed up in his private helicopter, the Red Bull F1 guys was there, Tommy Searl, media, FMX4Ever, Didi!, and a bunch of other cool people! It also reminded me about how life is for us freestylers, first night we slept in the entrance of the hotel cause we could´nt get in, nothing we have´nt done before. Next night was limousine and free Vodka and Champagne enough to keep a small village drunk for years! To bad Breocky dropped the 5 liter Moet Champagne bottle in the floor...

Straight back to belgium and the day after back to Turkey once again. Me, Nick Franklin and Jimmy Verburgh did a 5 days tour around the biggest universities in Istanbul and Ankara. It turned out pretty good, I mean it´s hard to fail on spring break parties! We had good media exposure and there was around 10000 people at every show.
We also made it to the Formula 1 After Party in Istanbul after the last show, got to meet alot of cool guys there, if I remember correctly. Damn those guys got cash!

After Turkey straight from the Asian side to GSMA´s Ogio Gladiotor Games in Sweden. It was a killer show as always, Jeremy Lusk was riding so good! Nice to see all the Prague friends again, just Miller and "the Canadian Wheelie King" Andy Bell missing.

Now I´m of to the biggest task of the year, the great Erzberg Rodeo, if you don´t know what it is, imagine your worse nightmare and add a bike!

See you later!

Morgan Carlson

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