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The Steve Mini Column
written by Steve Mini


Hey what’s up everyone!

As we went into 2010 i was pretty excited about the year ahead. I'd just received an invite to the X Fighter qualifyer in LA, I’d signed a contract for the new Nitro Circus tour in Australia, I had a bunch of Crusty Demons shows booked and also had a over 30 days of show with the Yamaha Team in Australia. I was unable to commit to the full season of the IFMXF World Championship but fortunately they were happy to let me miss the first part of the year due to other commitments and then come on for the second half. So all up I had the biggest year ahead so far and i was ready to knuckle down and get into training.

One of the main places I practise at is Matt Schubrings home compound, which is hands down one of the best places in the world to ride. He has some big jumps at his place and is always building new things. His most recent addition to his course is a 100foot step up carved into the side of a hill. The up ramp is about 5 metres high and there wasn’t much room to land. Only a couple of the boys hit it and it looked sketchy.

I came in pretty confident but took the wrong line and got bucked over the bars and hit it way too fast. I bailed early in hope id land on top but instead i sailed straight over the lander fell about 12 metres onto my feet. I ended up with a dislocated ankle, compound fractured tibia and a shattered fibula.

It took 3 surgeries to get my leg all back together and now I’m in a cast for the next month and then i have a month or so of intense physiotherapy to get everything back to normal and ready for the Nitro Circus Tour.

The time off doesn't bother me too much but the worst part of it is missing out on the Australian summer. As i write this it's Australia Day and its 39 degrees and im stuck watching everyone surf and swim and have fun which really sucks but on a positive note it's making me eager to get healthy and do well this year.

For updates on my recovery or anything else check out or feel free to send me an email to

I'm looking forward to coming back to Europe at the end of the year and riding for you guys again.

See ya
Steve Mini

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