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Martin Koren | South Africa 2008
Column written by Martin Koren | Pictures taken by Rox

Hey all Forty8 Fans!

It's Martin Koren reporting from South Africa. I Packed up my bags and flew away for some nice winter practise to the summer or RSA.

Back home its like freakin' 5 degrees Celsius and that’s not comparable to the 25-30 degrees sun shine in Sick Nick's Park.

We're getting in some good riding and practise is paying off. Nick's got a really fun park to ride. It’s a two way double line oval.

Ramps are lined up to three landings and you can circle the track and hit only dirt doubles and leave out the steel. It's fun and tempting for me, since I've been a spoiled "only ramp" rider for the past few years.

Word has it, that there is supposed to be an upcoming MOD event in South Africa in June, 20th/21th. If all goes well, there should be a pretty interesting rider line-up for that event and I should be a part of it. But that’s not the interesting part. Any way, keep you eyes and ears open for this happening.

All fun and games, but one thing I’ve learned from here… no one is crazier than the South Africans.

Happy Times

Martin Koren

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