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Nick Franklin
Column written by Nick Franklin


Hello everyone!

So I got bit lazy and haven't sent out a update for a while but I've found some time - so here's what I have been up to for the last few months...

My two weeks in Ecuador didn't turn out exactly like I thought mostly due to a dodgy promoter who loved to promise the world, the last show went good though with around 7000 or 8000 fans. Next year we might be doing more in South America but with the FMX4ever setup which will clear most of the problems we had. Still I had a good few weeks there, meet some cool people and it's cool to know we were the first to ride FMX in Ecuador.

Nick Franklin

After 3 weeks at home in NZ I flew back to Europe for my last trip of the year. My first show was in Vilnius in Lithuania in a sold out arena, After 3 weeks off the bike I actually felt very good riding and had a good show. The next weekend was the Gladiator event in Astrava, Cheque, and again a very good show. It was my first time riding a Gladiator show which are very famous in Cheque and I felt like a rode pretty good. The next weekend was again a Gladiator event this time in Prague, I wasn't riding this one but was asked to stay for the week and judge which was pretty cool, I mean for sure I would of loved to ride but it was cool to spend the week in Prague and next year the promoter says I will get to ride both events, sweet!

And my last event in Europe for the year was the Race of Champions in Wembley stadium London with FMX4ever. It was a very big event with the best drivers in the world like Schumacher, Leob and Hamilton. It was very cool to be chiling in the drivers lounge with the biggest names in motor sport and getting to meet and chat with them. Red Bull ran a the X fighters teaser show with Chris Birch, Jimmy Verbourgh, Ronnie Renner and myself riding in front of 70,000 people and live on TV around Europe. I had a live camera on my front guard which looked cool on the big screen. It was really a demo for us but they had the crowd vote a winner and I took it out, not that it meant much but still cool. Hopefully I get some photos and video footage from RoC soon to send out.

Now I only have one more event this year in NZ at the Summer X moto X in Whakatane but I plan to spend a load of time training in the kiwi summer and learn some big new things for 2009.

I'd like to thank my sponsors and my team for everything they have done for me this year and also everyone who has helped and supported me, thanks!


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