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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


Kings of Xtreme

Since many years ago we had finally again a big event at the fairground of Leipzig. The arena is really big and has everything you need to put in a big FMX track. This time the organisator counted on FMX, BMX, Minibike, Quad and Snowmobile Action and beside normal FMX Action there was highest Air and Speed & Style too. The Quad and Snowmobile guys did really clean flips, the bikers came out with crazy tricks and FMX rocked like always with massive tricks and some sick trains which ends with an MegaTrain where all riders of the Event was on the track. This events was made to have fun and all was done for that goal - mission completed. For next year they have some new ideas already to make the event even better and the litlle mistakes won´t be done again. see you soon Leipzig!

ADAC SX Dortmund
At full throttle we started in the new year with the SX Cup Final in Dormund\"The same procedure as every year“. We had an awesome audience and the arena went mad on all the event days while watching finest FMX. The Arena was sold out at all days - that´s a record- and it´s crazy that the SX in Dortmund seems to get better and better each year.  Respect Dortmund. The SX and FMX track was good planed and shaped so all looked that riding will be FUN and we had Fun on all days. For the FMX part there was Remi, Martin Koren, Lance Coury, Jose Miralles, Nick de Witt and me and i think we did a really good job because of getting many standingOvations und Laola waves. Dotrmund is like allways the best SX/FMX Event in Germany and it´s always cool to be a part of this event. You can check some impressions on CPM24 . They filmed theTraining too and of course the main parts.

Malmö / Schweden
For the last event in 2009 we went up North to Malmö where i jumped with Fred + Thom Johansson, Fred Berggren, Rasmus Kjielsen and my Upforce Buddies Busty and Kai Haase some FMX Shows at an SX Events. The Set Up was pretty good - just the landing was pretty low and we had some hard impact what gets us some stiff muscles in the neck. The SX Track looked not so difficulty but the dirts was pretty slick and many ruts took all the skill from the riders to get through it. The highlight was "the King" Jeremy McGrath who was part of the races too and won the Finals in the end with an smooth and competend riding style. Man, this guy can still ride his bike. Great event and the atmosphere was hot in cold Sweden :o).

IFMXF Namibia
On the run of the german weather it goes to hot Southafrika for the 21. November. The flight was really great because nearly all persons was ill with some kind of illness you can get at this time. I think we had a "pig" in the plane as well – arrrghhh. The track was really dusty and try of course and it was nearly impossiblel to get the dirt compressed. With many liters of waters and sorting out of many stones the landings get ridable. The bikes needed some special setting too - strange how less the power is under such conditions- but after some hours everything was pretty good for the Event. I place 8th in the Qualification, but this time in front of my favoutite opponent Massimo, hahaa. South Africa is really different to germany and you need much time because everything need 2 or 3 times longer than normal.

See you soon,


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