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The Fab Bauersachs Column
written by Fabian Bauersachs


Fab was invited to ride the big FMX demo at the 26th ADAC SX in Dortmund. It was the final event of the ADAC Supercross Series and for Fab and the most of the other riders the opening event of the 2009 season. Good to be on the bike again after 4 weeks off...

09.–11. 01. 2009 ADAC SX / RedBull FMX Dortmund

The track was good and racing exciting on all 3 days with fights and other
action. This year they cutted the opening show to get time for more racing- hard stuff for all riders which has do to all runs. Fmx setup was good an you could imagine what will happen. in the evening show during the training session already. FMX was like always the last thing at the timetable but of course one highlight what was easy to realize in view of the atmosphere.
Mike Mason, Nick de Witt, Nick Frankin, Remi B., Busty and me showed finest
FMX with Flip combos and all other stuff.

Very fun is the “Oldschool” vs. “Newschool” demo where on rider is doing a
trick “normal” and one other pulls out a flip combo. We shut down the show with some trains and get the crowd crazy with that action. My bike was branded with fmx4ever sticker for the first time. I will be in Jimmy
Verburghs Team 2009 and he gave me my bikes and I think that I will do some RedBull FMX Show with him.

In the next 2 weeks I hope the get my bikes ready for riding and then I need to travel to Italy or Spain to catch some sunny and warm weather for training.
Here at my place it is still snow or raining all the time — so boring…
Greets and later,


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