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The Nick de Wit Column
written by Nick de Wit


Hey Guys and Girls,

January and February has been really good for me. I have done a lot of training and also a few events. I went to Dortmund Germany in the beginning of January for a demo at a supercross event. 3 days and sold-out, 10000 people each day. That was a cool way to start off the year. I then came home and had a few weeks to stay at home and train a bit. At the end of January I rode in the MPH show at the dome. I was the stunt double for Richard Hammond from top gear extra on BBC. I had to do two jumps in the intro.

First jump was a warm up jump and then I had to flip my second jump. little stressful but cool. I did that 10 times over the weekend. After that event a friend of mine from Czech republic came to SA for 3 weeks for some practice. We did a lot of riding and learned some cool new stuff. during that time we also had an open day at Alistair's park and one at my park.

Those were really good for riding and also just to get some new guys jumping and help them out a bit. They were both awesome events and thanks to REDBULL for helping with my event. After my open day I rode a demo at the wake boarding event at Suncoast casino. There was some really good wakeboarding going on and during their half time we put on an awesome show.

Now I am back on the road. I am in Helsinki Finland for an event at a Ski world champs. We are going to ride in the snow with spike tires. should be fun.. After this I am off to Brazil for two weeks. I have some RedBull Xfighters teasers there to promote Xfighters later this year.

This year has started off really well and I hope all of you have a good one.

Thanks for all the support



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