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My Russian Experience
written by Derek Cook


My Name is Derek Cook from Oklahoma City, OK USA. I have been riding freestyle motocross for 7 years and have traveled all over the world, but I have never been to Russia until now. So far I have been here for 1 1⁄2 weeks and rode in 3 shows and its been amazing. We have ridden in some of the most historic cities in Russia with all the cool city scenes in the background of our photos.

Of the 3 shows I have ridden I would have to say there has been an enormous amount of people at each show at least 50,000 very energetic Russian fans going crazy for the Russian FMX Team calling themselves the Ferz.

Vanni Oddera is teaching some FMX tricks ...

And of course yours truly the American Derek Cook and Italy's own Vanni Oddera! We have traveled by train, bus and our feet haha. The bus ride from Nijny to Erkenburg was insane the first leg of the trip took 16hrs in a bus that was 35 years old and felt and looked every bit that old haha. Those 16 hrs were intense the roads in Russia are very rough I was laying down in the back and got thrown out of my seat at least 3 times 2 times from the roads and the 3rd time the driver actually fell asleep and almost ran off a cliff we yelled last minute and he woke up and jerked the steering wheel over with high intensity and almost rolled the bus.

Needless to say once we arrived to the in between city for the night we were very grateful we all survived and had a newer nicer bus waiting on us the next morning to finish out the drive. Vanni and myself really like playing to the crowd we keep the people screaming and yelling with our insane tricks and tire burnouts on the main stage. We have 3 more shows to go for the 6-city tour our shows consist of Bmx, street stunting bikes, dancing girls and of coarse FMX which is the highlight of the show. This has been one of the best tours I have done so far awesome people and really good setups.

The next 3 shows promise to be even better. I hope to come to Italy soon!

Derek Cook


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